March 25, 2023


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Netflix Black M Creators, Youth, Business – M 5M Committed to Supporting Various

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Netflix says it will donate 5 5 million to Ghetto Film School, Black Public Media and Colin Copernicus to organizations dedicated to creating black creators, black youth and black-owned business opportunities, including your rights camp.

The subscription-video company has announced a further with 1 million initial grant.

“The fight against racism and injustice in a meaningful way means creating long-term opportunities for the black community,” Red Hastings, chairman and CEO of Netflix, said in a statement. “The key role we play is that important content like ‘when they see us like’ is seen as a member of our fund. As an additional step, today we pledge $ 5 million for black producers, nonprofits dedicated to creating direct opportunities for black youth And black business. “

On the Creator Front, Netflix is ​​donating a total of $ 1.5 million to Ghetto Film School, Film Independents Project Involve, Firelight Media and Black Public Media.

Netflix is ​​also donating 1 million to three youth organizations: Learn Your Rights Camp, the Pose Foundation and the Black Girls Code. And the agency says it is donating 500 500,000 to black-owned businesses “in their own backyard in Los Angeles”; The Vermont Slough Economic Development (VSEDC), a non-profit group that provides resources to communities in South Los Angeles by traditionally banks, will distribute the grants.

Most recently Netflix was among the first media and entertainment organizations to support the Black Lives Matter movement that the people of Minneapolis beat up George Floyd by police and sparked nationwide protests for equality and criminal justice reform. And last week, Streimer launched a “Black Lives Matter” collection that has more than 45 headlines about racial injustice and the experiences of black Americans.

Netflix, meanwhile, says many of its employees have personally donated to blacks and races, with the company matching 200% of all employee donations.

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