September 21, 2021


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Netflix buys Chinese fantasy ‘The Yin-Young Master: Eternal Dream’

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Global streaming giant Netflix has achieved a period fantasy action film “The Yin-Young Master: Eternal Dreams” by fierce talent and division director Guo Jingming. The movie will be released on December 25 on a big stage in mainland China.

Netflix, which claims rights outside of China, will release it on February 5, 2021, shortly before the Lunar New Year celebrations.

Adapted from Japanese author Baku Yumekakura’s popular 2001 novel Onmioji, the story shows the country’s top four yin-yang masters calling to the capital to kill snakes, which wake up every 100 years. Meanwhile, a princess and royal guard conspired to end the serpent’s eternal life.

It stars Mark Chao (“Saturday Fiction”), Allen Deng (“Ashes of Love”), Jesse Lee (“Call of the Port”) and Wang Zhouen (“My Aunt’s Postmodern Life”). Many of whom have appeared as directors before Guerrero.

“Strong [Asian] The aesthetics of the film can be appealing to international audiences. In the meantime the story is universal and accessible to anyone Different Earlier this year.

He enjoyed his early success as a nove panacea in 2013 before adapting and managing his own contemporary ambitious headlines, “Tiny Times” and “Tiny Times 2”. He continues to write and direct and is the screenwriter for “The End of Endless Love,” which is currently published in China and has grossed $ 46 million to date.

“The Yin-Young Master: Eternal of Dreams” was produced by Hee Pictures, Zui, Thinking Kingdom Pictures, Shanghai Film Group and Black Ant Film. International sales, including the Netflix deal, were handled by Fortisimo Films.

The film, previously built as a bi-partner, completed most of the lensing before the coronavirus-induced lockdown and wrapped up the original photography at the Hengidian studio in April.

The creative team includes Japanese music composer Kenji Kawai (“Swarm,” IP Man 4 “), South Korean VFX Studio 4th Creative Party (” Okja, “” Snoopy “), and Chinese production designer Tu Nan (” Legend “) Danab. ).

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