September 22, 2021


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Netflix is ​​now available on Google Nest Hub Smart Display

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Netflix is ​​finally making its debut on smart displays, starting today across the globe across the device’s Google Nest hub line.

Users of both Netflix and a Google Nest Hub or Nest Hub Max Smart Display will now be able to stream subscription VOD services to all areas where both the device and Netflix are available. Netflix is ​​available on Google’s Chromecast HDTV dongle, as well as dozens of other devices

It’s not yet clear why Netflix – until now – doesn’t offer the service on smart displays like Google’s Nest Hub (formerly known as Google Home Hub), Amazon’s Echo Show or Facebook’s portal. Obviously, Netflix wants to be publicly available on screen (for example, you can watch Netflix at Tesla car displays while parked). However, the company’s top priority is to provide a consistent user experience across platforms.

A Netflix spokesperson said: “We want members to control how they view and view what devices they use.” “They can now use voice prompts to watch their favorite Netflix shows and movies on the Google Nest Smart Display. We look forward to continuing to work with Google to improve the member experience.

If you have a Netflix subscription from July 21st, you can now link your account to the Google Home or Google Assistant app to play Netflix movies, TV shows and documentaries at the Net Hub show, which is marketed as a digital photo frame, home-control, Player and hands-free kitchen support.

You can launch a Netflix service or a separate headline by issuing a voice command to a Google device. You can also pause, play, or skip the Google Assistant command (or use the Hub Max Quick Gesture feature to pause the video or restart the video by looking at the device and raising your hand).

Netflix joins other streaming services that are locally supported on Google’s Nest Smart Display, including YouTube (of course), Hulu, Starz, CBS All Access and Dish’s Sling TV, as well as NBCUniversal’s Peacock, Disney Plus, WarnerMess and other services for HBO. Google Nest can stream video to devices using mobile applications.

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