September 23, 2021


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Nick Kroll is a 1920s Spanish-style L.A. Upgraded to home

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Professional fun-turned-Netflix show-runner Nick Kroll (“big face”) has significantly upgraded his Los Feliz residential situation by buying a precisely renovated Spanish Colon colonial property for 20 1920 million on one of the neighborhood’s most celebrity-filled streets.

Tax records reveal that Kroll faced a bid battle for this property; The place was sold just three weeks after hitting the market and the 6 6 million sale price was $ 105,000 More Than the initial question. This thick figure bought a strong corner lot property that is surrounded by a long wall and a long hedge all around and the house is virtually invisible from the street.

A lovely backyard features hand-stamped concrete tiles and Caribbean-flavored tropical landscaping, while the staircase leads to a tiled entrance. Inside, the house is full of details in modern color scheme – iron fixtures, and terracotta tiles.

The front door opens into a surprisingly deep fountain flanked by living and dining rooms. On the left, the living room has a blood-orange couch that contrasts sharply with the milky white walls of the room, while the French door leads to a trellis-covered porch. On the right, the formal dining room connects to the gorgeous kitchen, which the list describes as the “soul of the house” and looks suitable for the glossy pages of any shelter magazine.

The 4,600-square-foot structure packs five bedrooms and five bathrooms, with a private balcony with red velvet curtains and a spacious upstairs master bedroom with a view of the city lights. Provides a built-in veggie tub.

Other property amenities include a backyard plunge pool, numerous patios with fountains, an isolated guest cassette, romantic cover cabana and even a home lift for lazy days. Most of the rooms have views of the surrounding triptychs, and some of the neighbors in the sugar-borrowed distance include George Lopez, John Mulani, Jordan Peel and Tony Canal of No Doubles.

Carol, 42, is the son of New York-based billionaire Jules Kroll, whose company is Kroll, Inc. Today’s corporate investigation is credited with discovering the industry. Veteran Carroll raised his business to 9 1.9 billion in 2004, before selling it to Wall Street’s largest risk consulting firm.

In 2017, after more than a decade, the Crawl co-animated Netflix series featuring actor roles and sketch comedy jigs in big name shows (“New Girl,” “Renault 911”) and movies (“Pull her Greek,” “I Love You Man”). Has created the “big face”, which has received widespread criticism.

And for her, Kroll is a longtime Los Felize resident. Since 2012, he has owned a small Spanish-style home in the 1930s in the city’s most fashionable pocket, for about 1.5 million.

Jackie Smith of Compass and Billy Rose of The Agency put it on the list; Alyssa Ritt and Anthony Stalini of Komes replayed Kroll.

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