October 20, 2021


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Nighthawk expands the movie programming team, unveiling the movie series

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Nighthawk Cinema is expanding its programming team.

The discipline, which has branches in Williamsburg and Prospect Park in Brooklyn, New York, has hired Christina Casioppo and Desmond Thorne to expand its programming staff. They will both report to John Woods, director of programming and acquisitions at Nighthawk.

Casioppo recently programmed for the Alamo Drafthouse in Brooklyn, where he oversaw repertoire programming and led new film series and events. He has been a film programmer for the past two decades, having previously led the Tribeca film program on nd2nd Street Y. He is the co-director of the New York branch of the Miscatonic Institute of Horror Studies, a running column for Screen Slate, “The Outskirts”, and the occasion for Moby.

Thorne has worked for three years on the programming team at NewFest at the LGBT Film Festival in New York, as a festival programmer and their year-round programming consultant. Thorne is a filmmaker and host of the Amanda Siles-produced podcast, “Adventure in Black Cinema.”

“Joining the Knighthawk team has got me into such an incredible company. Desmond, John, and the chemistry of my taste buds match perfectly, and we’re just getting started,” Casioppo said of the new collaboration.

Thorne added, “I’m thrilled to be programming at Nighthawk and I’m honored to be working with Christina and John! The three of us are thrilled to collaborate together and I can’t wait to show our mutual brilliance to NYC’s moviegoers.

Nitehawk Cinema boasts a return to some of their favorite series and film festivals, as well as the debut of some newcomers. The mainstay series includes “Anniversary Party” (a film exhibition on the anniversary of their theatrical release), which will feature the film’s 20th anniversary screening, inspired by the series’ name, “The Anniversary Party”, followed by a Q&A with co-director / star Alan Cumming; “In Case You Miss It 2020” (images that may have slipped under your radar during the Covid); And “Wis Weekend Wiz Wes” (a brunch journey through Wes Anderson’s over). “Live Sound Movies” (featuring favorite movies with a live-orchestra soundtrack), “music-driven” (latest music-centric features and banofide classics), “Spoons, Tunes and Buzz” (all-you-can-eat serial bars Including favorite cartoons), “No Buzz” (partnering with streaming platforms, bringing attention to emerging filmmakers), and “The Future of Film is Women” (a partnership with a nonprofit that enhances the work of all women and non-binary filmmakers).

“It’s both amazing and exciting to be back,” Woods said. “I think time has given us all a new and brighter focus. We will continue to expand the scope of our repertoire programs and live screening events that feature all talented and passionate people and make short films as well as music videos and documentaries. We have plans for many big things.” And I can’t wait to share them with everyone. “

New programmers bring with them fresh, new monthly series that include “Consider It Again!” Upcoming screenings include “Gothika” (35mm), “Josie and the Pussycats” and “The Family Stone” (35mm). There will also be “Adventure in Black Cinema”, a series with a podcast of the same name by Thorne. Upcoming titles include “Tales from the Hood”, “Soul Food” (35mm), and “Preacher’s Wife” (35mm). There will also be a new series “Nostalgia, Ultra”, featuring movies from the ’80s,’ 90s and early childhood. These include “The Adams Family,” “Framed by Roger the Rabbit,” and “How Greenwich Steals Christmas.”

The new series is an erotic thriller series beginning with “Nithock Diary”, the first work of Mark Wahlberg and Reese Witherspoon, “Fear”, followed by “Never Talk to Strangers” by Antonio Banderas and Rebecca de Morne and “Alec Baldwin and Nicole”. Each screening includes a game of “erotic thriller Troops Bingo”. There will also be a “Recent Recovery” series, Marcel Jankovic’s animated classic “Son of the White Maid” in September and Paul Morrisy’s “Blood for Dracula” in October.

Film festivals will once again grace the Nighthawk Theater, the Williamsburg location will host the Brooklyn Horror Film Festival from October 14 to October 21, and the Prospect Park location will host Newfest from October 16 to 24. With the submission also on Monday, it is scheduled to return from March 2-6, 2022.

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