September 18, 2021


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‘Nitram’ personally claimed the first prize at the CinepheastOz festival

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Controversial truth-based Australian drama “Nitram” won first prize this weekend at the Cinefestos Film Festival in Western Australia. The মূল্য 100,000 ($ 73,000) prize went to one of the richest people in the film industry.

The film documented a genocide in Tasmania and some community groups opposed its production. But the ending avoids showing any violence on the screen and instead focuses on the psychological focus of the lone offender.

Directed by Justin Kurzel and presented at the Cannes competition in July, “Nitram” star Caleb won the Best Actor award for Landry Jones.

Similarly, away from the actual facts, the Cinefestage jury said: “After much discussion we agree that ‘Nitram’ presents a unique perspective on this story, with extensive use of cinematic language, detailed depth, especially performance and many levels of subtlety.” The film also features strong performances by Australian actors Judy Davis, AC Davis and Anthony Lapaglia.

And, although most Australians are currently experiencing the limitations of chronic coronavirus-related lockdowns, Cinefestos was originally a private event (August 25-29, 2021). It was held through a red-carpet closing ceremony in the southwestern cities of Banbury, Margaret River and Baselton in Albany.

Juris, Isla Fischer, Jack Hilditch, Judy Levine and Julia Redwood were present in person, but jury chair-person Nadia Tas Lockdown could not travel from Melbourne and instead joined online. “The jury acknowledges the extraordinary challenges that every filmmaker has had to overcome in making their films at this unique time,” he said.

Three other Australian films competing for the award were: “Here Out West,” “River” and “The Drawer’s Wife The Legend of Molly Johnson.”

Tourism Minister David Templeman presented the awards to the Nitram filmmakers and said: “The McGowan [West Australia] The government is a proud supporter of the Western Australian screen industry and is committed to building a screen production facility in Fremantle and of course the A 16 million ($ 11.7 million) WA Regional Film Fund.

Earlier in the week, actor and writer Isla Fisher, who grew up in the state, was recognized for her outstanding contributions to the film industry and was named Cinefestos 2021 Screen Legend.

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