March 20, 2023


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No house has yet been found in Ariana Grande – variety

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International pop priest Ariana Grande may be widely known for her motto, “I’ve got it, I’ve got it, I’ve got it, I’ve got it.” However, in the case of Los Angeles real estate, the longtime tenant has yet to see anything he likes to buy, although it has been widely known that he has been hunting privately since last year.

For more than a decade, the Hollywood celebrity has never owned a home in Grande, L.A., but prefers to spend several days in her miscellaneous Beverly Hills rented home. For some time, he lived in a large French country-style at 90210 Prime Prime, Ellen DeGeneres recently unlocked at El 35 million right next to the door of a house.

But as her earnings skyrocketed – Forbes estimates she made ৮ 48 million last year alone – the “Stock with You” and “Rain on Me” singers have become serious about investing in property, launching an insane house search that has spread her everywhere. her Greater Southland region from Beverly Hills to the far edge of the San Fernando Valley.

Multiple sources say Grand is looking for enough land to carry an eight-figure price tag worthy of his glamorous image, and came close to buying at least two separate homes, although in the end he bid them both a “thank you, next”.

One of the features that was observed more than once in the Grand is the multi-acre compound of the leafy valley of Toluka Lake. Currently owned by the chairman of a Hollywood film studio, the flag has literally thrown stones from the homes of comrades like Lot Estate Sia and Steve Carell, and everything has disappeared from the street and is hidden behind a dense canopy of mature tree canopy. Although the home is not currently listed on the MLS, it is believed that it is silently available for off-market tours to fit-buyers but they knew the right high-end realtor to call.

For the past five years, Grand has parked his bay in a Mediterranean-inspired alley in the Benedictine Canyon area of ​​L.A., where he is often brought in by bodyguards, assistants, glam squad members and a variety of assistants. The walled and gated home has more than 6,000 square feet of living space and wide views across the nearby valleys and hills.

Inside, the beige-colored villa has all the necessary equipment, five bedrooms and a very large kitchen with a spa-style master bath with a soaked tub and steam shower. At the back, there is a huge stone terrace with a pool and spa with plenty of space for sunbathing or Alfresco recreation. The secluded estate was last leased at a rate of 40,000 / – per month.

In addition to his Bee 90210 rental mansion, Grande also rented a second home in L.A. for a long time, this is a small residence in the hills above Sherman Oaks. This two-story residence, which includes views of a wide part of the San Fernando Valley, has been occupied by a family member.

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