October 16, 2021


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‘No Time to Die’ Production Designer at the James Bond Filming Location

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The “No Time to Die” bond doesn’t work on one of the trademarks: shooting in stunning locations around the world. Daniel Craig’s last and most recent voyage was 007 from his Italian mother to Norway, Denmark and Jamaica and London.

A stunning sequence occurs in Cuba, but of course it is a location that was not available. So the production team shot a few Cuban-dressed outsiders in Jamaica, then converted the UK pinewood studios in Havana for the rest of the scene.

Production designer Mark Tildesley traveled to Cuba to study architecture and detail, taking notes on complex detailed building fa ফades, street looks, neon signs and the promotional industry.

Here he shares his journey – when the board was attached to pay homage to the Danny Boyle classic Bond film.

Building Bonds World

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Retired James Bond in his spiritual home in Jamaica
Nicola Pigeon

I was attached to the version that Danny Boyle was doing. (Boyle was attached to direct the film in March 2018) I sat down with a set of ideas and a different script and removed everything from the walls.

But when I met him I explained the ideas to Carrie and what I have done so far if anything is useful in her journey. And he loved it.

We deconstructed a few things and recycled them, and that’s where it started. The thing is, it’s very large, but it’s also intimate. It is family managed. I could knock on Barbara [Broccoli] Get into meetings deeply about doors and things. It is very valuable to everyone.

Also, there is a feeling that you go back to your feelings about those movies as a child, being allowed to come and watch them during Christmas. There were also ideas about restaurants, cars and secret codes. It was really becoming a part of my heritage history.

There are feelings and expectations to take people on a journey – that wonderful opening. The mission is to create these places that are going to be believable, but they are just floating in the bond world. [In this case], It is home to some magical Japanese islands and test centers owned by the Russians.

We went back and in the story, Bond is starting his retirement. Therefore, we have tried to think about where the former Patras live and what they do. We thought it would be somewhere in Europe or the mountains. But Barbara suggested Jamaica because in the case of the Bond movie because it is one of her spiritual homes. It was super colorful and varied and dynamic. It was moved away from everything and continued its relationship with the sea and the ocean.

We went to Ian Fleming’s house and we had 90% Jamaican crew and hired local carpenters, and it really evolved by combining Jamaican, Japanese and European ideas.

Respect for Safin’s Layer Creation and the classic Bond film

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Safin’s dormitory is full of respect for the classic Bond film
Nicola Pigeon

It is definitely “you only live twice” where the volcano opens and it is seen in Safin’s dormitory. But Carrie’s heritage is Japanese, and we had a sequence in Tokyo, but it didn’t make the movie.

That’s why we love some of Adams ’things like“ you just live twists ”and“ no. ”We’ve used some motifs like big round windows, and this love of the art rugged concrete world.

We wanted to bring the architectural scale back into the scene and the royal sets that you want to get in the big hall. We also looked at the architecture of brutality. We played with the “goldfinger” and the angular architecture that was in the games room where she kept the baby.

I think it’s “Dr. No.” who had a big circle and a spider.He found a piece of a set in the studio that was a round thing and he pulled it out and put it in one of the flaps and it has become one of the most iconic sets ever.

We mentioned it and we also had a sliding door which was another throwback to his design.

“Moonrecker” was mentioned with algae farms and poison gardens.

We mentioned the Faroe Islands because it is easy to use, accessible and so we worked on a visual effects plate for it. When he climbed to the top of the island and the sequence of those missiles happened, it was built and dropped on the island through visual effects. Otherwise, we have built gardens, towers, corridors and large underground tanks in pinewood.

When we start talking about nanobots – these invisible things that infect your body – the only way we can imagine them is to start talking about them on the screen through slides.

Matera, Italy – Perfect Town for Bonds

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James Bond (Daniel Craig) and Dr Made Madeleine Swann (Leah Sedaux) go through the Italian Materra – the perfect city to rest her past.
Nicola Pigeon

Broccoli has a love affair with Italy and it is in most of their pictures. I think it has to do with Italian food and their love for people. I also have a small place not too far from Matera, so I knew about it.

It is a spectacular and one of the oldest part of the civilized culture of the world. It also has some amazing caves. It was a major TB outbreak in the 1930s so they stopped it. It was recently reopened in the 1980s and so it has thrown this timeless, almost biblical feeling, into this valley of green plains.

We also saw things in this sense of renewal and forgiveness. We looked forward to their arrival in town which celebrates time and moves on. He is trying to end his relationship with Vesper. It has been planted together because Matara has this beautiful festival. We didn’t use that much of the festival, but the paper burning at night was real. So, we were able to tie it into Italian folklore.

An isolated lake

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Mark Tildesley found the house in the Norwegian town of Nitdal, not far from Oslo.
Christopher Raphael

We were looking for this family home to be nowhere to be found. So, we looked in Sweden and went to Norway, just north of Oslo. We built that house on the lake and decided to put it in the middle of the lake. It was hard because we didn’t get our cameras on time and the ice started to melt. So, we had to support the stiletto to keep the house standing.

We rebuilt it in the studio again – so we rebuilt that house twice. The idea was that the family made themselves out of wood.

The first time you see the house in its original construction, but when you come back to it, later with Madeleine and her daughter, it has been painted and refreshed a bit.

Q’s apartment

Its easy. We decided he would stay near Waterloo Station and the kind of person who would walk to his office across the River Thames. We looked at the old Victorian houses in central London. We put him on this road that leads back to the station. You can see a railroad through its windows. But it was fun to do.

She’s so professional about everything, even when she’s cooking it’s scientific, so we highlighted that when designing her home. He has all these gadgets.

Cuba Reconstruction

We traveled around Cuba for a few weeks which was amazing. It was amazing for us. All we were able to do was pick and extract all the best pieces and we picked all our favorite buildings to draw them and create Bond World.

It has a really rich tapestry of light and color. There’s also interesting architecture, and things don’t float or break – so we looked that way.

One night we went to dinner, this old house had a restaurant and there was a staircase below which was a street and this was one of our mentions during the construction of Cuba.

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