October 25, 2021


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‘No Time to Die’: The History and Prospects of James Bond Oscars

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“No Time to Die”, the final release of Daniel Craig’s 007 term, has received positive reviews from critics, is receiving the biggest UK theatrical release of all time, and is expected to set a box office record, at least in the epidemic era. But will all this stand in the face of the Oscars?

Craig has been a functional bond, but he has also been an outstanding actor in multiple films throughout his career, some of which should have already garnered him awards such as “Knives Out” (2019) and “Logan Lucky” (2017). So can Craig break the best actor lineup for the final performance of his cast? As the Magic Eight Ball says, “All signs point to the nose.” But unfamiliar things have happened in the years of rewards.

So, where can the film find attraction?

The James Bond franchise has not appeared in any major section of the Oscars in its nearly six-decade history. Instead, five Oscars went to artisans – 1965’s “Goldfinger” (sound effects), 1966’s “Thunderball” (special visual effects), 2013’s “Skyfall” (original song and sound editing) and 2016’s “Specter” (original). Song).

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The artisan branches of the academy have a love of crowning the former, which is good for “no time to die” talents like composer Hans Zimmer (“The Lion King”), photographer Linus Sandgren (“La La Land”) and editor Tom. Cross (“La La Land”) and one-time nominee Elliott Graham (“Milk”). These will certainly be in the discussion area, they are likely to pop up at their respective Guild Awards, but for any significant recognition the Academy will have to accept the film in its entirety.

Looking back at “Skyfall”, perhaps the closest Bond film received a Best Picture nomination, while the Academy was nominating anywhere in five to ten movies. While villain Xavier Bardem has been nominated for actor with SAG and BAFTA nominations, Judy Dench has also achieved the latter.

The truth is, Bond doesn’t do much with outside sounds, visual effects, scores and songs. Only “The Spy Who Loved Me” (1977) took the name of an art direction (now production design) and “Skyfall” was the first and only cinematography, and it was certainly shot by Roger Deakins. Naturally, BAFTA has become more festive, nominating the 2006 “Casino Royale” for nine awards, including lead actor Craig, adaptive screenplay and outstanding British films. Then maybe friends on the other side of the pond will help again?

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Already a Grammy winner for the title track for the delayed release date, Billy Ilish and his lyricist brothers Phineas are sure to get traction on the circuit hoping to follow the steps of Adele Adkins and Paul Epworth.

Based on the character of Ian Fleming, this entry was given by Buffett nominees Neil Purvis, Robert Wade (“Casino Royale”) and Emmy winners Carrie Joji Fukunaga (HBO’s “True Detective”) and Phoebe Waller-Bridge (Amazon’s “Flibag”). Between the two writing classes this year, Adaptive seems to be much less competitive than its original screenplay rival, leaving room for potential consumer-friendly choices like “No Time to Die”.

The writing branch has proven to be open to more popular choices, as shown by past nominees such as “Borat Next Moviefilm” (2020), “Joker” (2019) and “Logan” (2017). While this is a significant longstream, especially with more powerful stories and runtime, it could pop up with a few small regional critical groups.

Another point to note: it may be criminal that Bond gives about three hours and Anna De Armas and Lashana Lynch limited time, but both kick and name, and no reward is needed to cement these facts.

United Artist Releasing and MGM have been waiting a long time for their favorite Bond movie to open, and in a year where viewers and voters feel nostalgic about the movie theater industry, if the film manages to break some records, support can form the basis for 10 best films. Guaranteed to nominees.

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