October 25, 2021


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Noemie Merlant’s ‘Mi Iubita, Mon Amour’ is sold for Films Boutique

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Film boutiques (“Embrace the Snake,” “Charlatan”) have closed several major regions of Europe in “Mr. Iubita, Mind Amor”, featuring the debut of actor-filmmaker Nomi Merlant in the Jabaltegi Tabakal San Sebastian chapter.

The world premiere of “Mi Iubita, Mon Amour” is in a special screening. It stars Merlant as Jean, a young woman traveling to Romania to celebrate her bachelor party with her friends while meeting Nino. She’s 27, she’s 17, and they’re a world away from each other, yet for the two of them it’s the beginning of an exciting and timeless summer. Merritt stars opposite Gili Kovaci and Clara Lama-Schmidt.

The movie was acquired by San Sebastian in Trier, Sweden. The deal was discussed by Julian Rajafindranali, Head of Sales at Films Boutique in Triarte, and Matthias Nahrberg. Burton Films of Spain and Agora Films of Switzerland have also picked up “Me Iubita, Mann Amor”.

Marlant, who earned critical acclaim for her performance in Celine Siama’s “Portrait of a Lady on Fire”, had a strong performance in the latest Jacques Adiard Cannes competition title “Paris, 13th District”.

“Me Iubita, Mind Amor” was produced by Paris Gaird at the well-established Paris-based company Nord-West Films. Merlant previously directed the short films “Shakira” and “Jay Swiss One Beach”.

The movie will be released in France by Matthew Robinette’s costume tandem. Films boutique San Sebastian has Peter Kerex with “107 Mothers” which premiered in the Horizon section in Venice. The company’s sales roster includes Lildico Enidi’s ear contest film “The Story of My Wife” with Leah Seddox.

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