October 20, 2021


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Notable tabloid titles at the 2021 San Sebastian Festival

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Selected projects in Drama Series Lab 2deo Serieak:

“Su Hotza,” Angel Aldarando

“Sue Hotza” follows a brave journalist who enters the herbal world of haute food to investigate the accidental death of a mysterious diner at a high-end restaurant and soon discovers the sea side of San Sebastian. Over two decades, Aldarando has created a versatile profile that includes the worlds of advertising, television, video, and shorts. He is currently directing a “Simulacro” documentary about musician Rafael Berrio and is in the post for his short film “Poseidon Opportun”.

“Print!” Paloma Mora and Maria Manguez

Mora is the free fiction series “Print!” Creator, scriptwriter, co-author and producer with its mongoose. Which follows the working class Martinez family. After dismissing the patriarch from a job at a printing company, luck and opportunity turned them into occasional bill forgers. Families need to protect their privacy as they begin to live a dual life. Meanwhile, a detective, brother-in-law’s boyfriend, and a wicked neighbor follow their path.

“Raval,” John Matthew and Victor Alonso-Barbell

The graders of Pompeo Fabra University are creating their first fiction drama series “Raval” in the residency program of the Spanish Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. “Raval” follows Sophia, who, after the disappearance of her boyfriend, introduces herself as a delivery rider in search of an illegal scheme that questions her and everything about her. Both have worked as script writers for Atresmedia Studios and Movister Plus, and have created the fiction series “Flanagan” with MediaPro Studios.

Audiovisual Lab: 2deo Sariak Project (Premios 2deo):

“Fatum,” Pelo Reparaj (Spain)

Reparaj’s electronic music project “Fatum” is an interactive video clip based on hyper-effective exploration techniques. “Fatum” challenges our assumption that we make our own decisions. Trained in music from a very young age, Raparaj has been a composer, composer and producer for more than a decade. At the age of 17, after participating in various projects, he formed the Vendetta Group, which played 500 concerts around the world.

“Larugoritan,” Jon Ariola (Spain)

Based on Ariola’s experience, “Larugoritan” focuses on five of their twenty-year-old female university students as they break down stereotypes and myths about people their age and seek their new independence. Ariola holds a degree in Audiovisual Communication from Basque Country University and studied at Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences.

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“Nahiak,” La Traca Productions (Spain)

Produced by the non-profit La Traca Productions, the web series “Nahiak” consists of three 15-minute episodes, a mix of drama and comedy. Its sarcastic tone removes the formality and complex narrative so that the naturalness and simplicity of the characters and its plots shine through. The goal of the project is to avoid stereotyping and give visibility to marginalized groups.

Ikusmira Berriak 2021:

“Until the place becomes impossible,” Magdalena Orellana (Argentina)

Jean Escola, a former Buenos Aires-born Orellana’s feature film, “Unless the place becomes impossible,” confronts a group of characters who experience a series of unexpected events under the influence of a mysterious force that seems to deny them everything. Ever learned. Meanwhile, the magnetic north pole is moving away from its normal axis and no one in the scientific community can explain why.

“The Wind Grotto,” Eduardo Crespo (Argentina)

The Argentine director, screenwriter and DOP, whose film “We Will Never Die” attended last year’s San Sebastian Film Festival, is back with “The Wind Grotto” which revolves around Horacio, a veterinarian who moved from Argentina to Italy a few years ago. He lives with his young daughter Mara, an introvert who is interested in caves. The two will travel separately but they will meet in the depths of the mountains where they will eventually be exposed to each other.

“Mental,” Manuel Munoz Rivas (Spain)

Seville-born Muonoz Rivas, who premiered his first feature, “The Sea Watches from From Offer,” at the 2017 Berlinale, “Manital” tracks an elderly man, partially rehabilitated after a complex operation, who travels on weekends with his wife. Together they drive from the mouth of a river to the mountains, where they walk, in search of the distant source where the river originates.

“Wondervogel,” Mina Fitzpatrick (United States)

Fitzpatrick attended an international meeting of film students at NEST in San Sebastian in 2017, with a short title, which he created at Ikusmira Bariak. “Wondervogel” revolves around a young man accused of patriots seeking his place in the violence and strangeness of the Texas desert. Dan Daily (68) and Derek King (28) live together. When Dan dies of a heart attack, Derek considers himself a deviant and is considered a major suspect by city authorities.

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Courtesy San Sebastian Film Festival

WIP Latam

“Octopus Skin,” Anna Christina Barragan (Ecuador)

An Escola Jean Alam, Barragan’s latest film, which participates in WIP Latam, follows his award-winning first feature “Alba” (2016) which represents Ecuador at the Oscars and in Goa. “La Piel Pulpa” explores Bedrock relationships as it follows 17-year-old twins Iris and Ariel who live on a remote island with their mother and older sister. When their mother commits suicide, a grieving Iris leaves on her own to find her own identity. Barragan is making his next film “Hydra” (“The Ivy”), for actress Carla Suarez.

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