October 20, 2021


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‘On the Verge, in Treatment’ will be shown in the Kolkata TV section

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Kolkata, LA-based French film and series festival has unveiled the television section of its upcoming 25th anniversary edition.

“Treatment,” a French adaptation of Eric Toledano and Olivia Nakche’s original Israeli series “Betipul”; The debut of Julie Delpie’s series “On the Verge;” And “Germinal”, the 19th-century set ambitious period series, will have their North American premiere in Kolkata in nine of the nine TV headlines produced by Emile Zola’s masterpiece Julian Lilti (“Hippocrates”).

Other series to compete in Kolkata include “High Intellectual Probability” starring Audrey Fleurot (“Spiral”) as a tiring cleaning lady-turn-s detective; “Nona and Her Daughter,” co-written and directed by Valerie Donzelli (“Declaration of War”).

Held at the DGA on November 1-7, the festival will feature 12 shows, including seven series, four TV movies and a documentary. The category is backed by Titrafilm and lists some of the top companies in France, most notably Commercial Rights, Federation, Film and Picture, Gaumont Television, Newen Connect, StudioCanal and Zelig Films. Netflix will also have a presence through “On the Verge” which he launched with Canal Plus.

“Since 2015 – when we first included a TV program at a North American film festival – Kolkata has launched a number of popular series to American audiences, such as ‘Call My Agent!’,” Le Bureau “and Spiral,” said Francois Truffart. Festival executive producer and programmer.

“Cinemafills are now paying equal attention to series and films and working for television among our industry members,” Truffart noted. The executive said the Kolkata TV section had helped show Hollywood “another aspect of French art” and show how “a French touch can make a series truly original and at the same time original”.

The television roster will also feature TV movies, most notably “The Raining Cats and Dogs” produced by The Film; And “own it” produced by Film & Picture.

The program will eventually include “All About Yves Montante”, a documentary biopic of the iconic French singer-actor-public figure. Written and directed by Eves Zueland. Produced by Jelig Films.

Series lineup:

“Germs,” Created by Julien Lilty. Written by Julien Lilty, Loic Barre, Charif Sayes, Samir Obechou, Maud Garnier, Clemens Lebatex, Mulusin Laura Rainaud, Chekna Shankarre. Directed by David Awareg. Produced by Commerce Studio. Sales: Commercial sales.

“High Intellectual Probability (HIP),” Written by Alice Chagare-Bregnot, Stephen Carey, Nicholas Jean, Julien Anscutter, Soliho Bodin, Marion Cornell, Nicholas Clement, Charlene Gadan, Julie-Anna Grigon, Alexandra Juliet, Laurent Vegan. Directed by Vincent Jamain, Laurent Twell. Productions in September, Itinare Productions. Sales: New Connect.

“Treatment,” Writes by David Elkam, Vincent Poimiro, Pauline Guyana, Alexandre Manville, Nasim Mehta, Olivier Nakche, Eric Toledano. Directed by Olivia Nakche, Eric Toledano, Matthew Vadapid, Pierre Salvadori, Nicolas Parisa. Produced by Ten Films, Les Films du Poison, Federation Entertainment. Sales: Federation Entertainment.

“Nona and her daughter,” Valerie Donzelli, Clemens Madeleine-Pardrilat writes. Directed by Valerie Donzelli. Rectangle Productions, produced by Gomant Television. Sale: Gamont Television.

“At the end,” Created by Julie Delpy. By Julie Delpy, Alexia Lando, Emily Ryan Lerner. Directed by Julie Delpy, Matthew Demi, David Petrarca. Produced The Film TV, including Netflix, Canal Plus and StudioCanal.

“Paris Police 1900,” Created by Fabian Nuri. Written by Fabian Nouri, Benjamin Adam, Allen Ayrols, Thibault Valetox. Directed by Fabian Nouri, Julien Despox, Frederick Balekzian. Produced by Tetra Media Studio, AFPI. Sale: StudioCanal.

“Opera,” Cécile Ducrocq, built by Benjamin Adams. By Cecil Ducrock, Benjamin Adams, Simon Jablonka. Directed by Stephen Demustier, Cecil Ducrock, Inti Calfat, Dirk Verhai, Laila Marakchi. Produced by Telfrance. Sale: New Connect.

TV Movie Lineup:

“Claire Andreux,” Olivia writes in Jahan and Diastome. Directed by Olivia Jahan. Produced by Leonis Productions. Sales: New Connect.

“Ownership of it,” Writes Johanna Goldsmith, Lor-Elizabeth Bordeaux. Director Nolwen Lemsell. Incognita, produced by Art France. Sales: film and pictures.

“It’s raining cats and dogs.” Written by Edward Deluk, Chloe Larochi, Laura Piani. Directed by Edward Deluk. Produced by The Film. Sales: film and pictures.

“What are we going to do about Jacques,” he said. Written by Pierre Chason, Heidi Sassy, ​​Mary Garrell-Weiss. Directed by Marie Garrell-Weiss. 24 My Productions, produced in France by Art. Sales: film and pictures.

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