March 25, 2023


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Only 19% of listeners in the United States will return to live events, survey search – variety

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A nationwide survey of audience members at U.S. Art Venue and Theater found that only 19% of respondents would return to a live event after reopening.

Conducted by Arts Consultancy Indigo, the ‘After the Interval’ survey was sent to 192 cultural organizations and theater venues, including Royal Albert Hall, South Bank Center, Barbican, Sadler’s Wales, English National Opera and The Old Week, and closed the week. When the country slowly turned into a lockdown that devastated the creative field. The survey excluded many theaters in the West End.

All partner venues sent Indigo survey questions to sponsors, with more than 86,000 responses between April 1 and May 1, theatrical orgasms responded 47%, followed by arts centers (29%), concert venues (15%), ballet Or opera companies (5%), orchestras (2%) and others (3%).

Although 933% of respondents said they missed attending live events, and 4% missed the “buzz” of live events, only 17% of respondents are actively booking for future events.

About 35% of people book tickets for September / October, while 24% aim for November / December and 26% aim for January or higher. Only 4% said they would book events in June, and only 5% said they would book in July and %% in August.

Overall, about 41% of people do not consider booking event tickets for at least four months. Meanwhile, only 19% of people will consider participating in events despite the reopened spaces – 26% of respondents in this group are under 35 and 14% are over 65.

The highest proportion between concert venues and theaters was among respondents who would not consider booking for at least four months. Meanwhile, orchestra and festival listeners are most nervous to return to the venues.

About 75% of respondents will feel safe with social distance systems in some places. The top three steps to mitigate fears include limitation of the number of people who can take part (76%), avoiding long queues of people (2%) and seating 2 meters away (65 %%).

About% of the survey response came from English, 11% from Wales, 6% from Scotland, 2% from tour production and 1% from Ireland.

The Indigo survey comes as the U.S. government aims to open theaters and cinemas from July 4, with venues being the last to open their doors, according to Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s three-step plan set earlier this month.

The Creative Industries Federation survey of 2,000 creative orgs and freelancers revealed in late April that only half of their stocks would go beyond June.

The government’s Self-Employment Income Support Scheme (SEISS) and the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) have helped support and support large numbers of business workers, the Freelance Workforce – which forms the backbone of fine arts organizations and live events – remains blocked COVID. By 19.

The Industries org Society of London Theater (SOLT) estimated on Thursday that more than two million theater works across the country could be at risk. Meanwhile, the Film & TV charity found that 744% of film and TV freelancers were not eligible for government assistance projects, or had not been forged.

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