March 25, 2023


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Panama Film Match Award ‘Los Altimos,’ ‘Journey to the Cocodrite’ – Variety

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The first edition of the Costa Rican documentary “Los Ultimos” IFF Panama Film Match, written by Alvaro Torres Crespo, won the 1,000 IFF Panama Film Match Award – a cinematographic co-production by Central America and the Caribbean in the Panama Film Festival.

Initially planned as an integral part of the on-site film festival, the event was restructured as a virtual forum, where 10 projects have been developed – four Panamanian projects starting from Costa Rica, Guatemala, the Dominican Republic and Panama.

Jury members – top Colombian producers Diana Bustamanta, Thierry Lenovel, one of the leading co-producers in France, one of Latin America, and Inti Cordera, the director of DocDF, one of the main dock events in Latin America, say “Los Ultimos” was chosen because And with the relevance of the central character [as] More than ever before, the messages from the knowledge of our indigenous peoples must be propagated and propagated through the creation of cinematographic messages to ensure the humanity and preservation of our planet. ”

“Journey of the Cocodrite” written by Iyuan Jaripio: The jury awarded the Panamanian documentary the DoxMX Prize, which will now take part in the IB project’s laboratory platform in October 2020.

A special mention was made of Ariel Escalant’s “Sunday and Fog” (“Sound of Words”) in the Korea Rican feature film, “because of the quality of its proposition, both its history and theme are focused on the defense of the region.”

The online version of IFF Panama will now run May 22-26, at the Connaught Five-Day Digital Festival, which includes the Panamanian feature “Panciaco” by Anna Elena Tejera and round tables hosted by Diana Sanchez and IFF Panama director Pitoka. Ortega Hilburn.

Guests for sure (online) include several prominent Latin American actors, Academy Award winning film stars – Ricardo Daran of Argentina (“The Secret of Their Eyes”), Daniela Vega of Chile (“A Fantastic Woman”) and Yalitza Aperico of Mexico (“Roma”). Such as Mexican Nicolas Celis (“Roma”) director – Guatemala’s Ziro Bustamante (“La Lorona”) and Chilean Mighty Albardi (“The Mole Agent”) and production designer Eugenio Caballero (“Roma”)

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