September 20, 2021


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Pandora Unveils ‘Most Thumbed Movie Song’ Playlist – Variety

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Streaming platform Pandora has unveiled a playlist of its most-thumbed movie songs. Based on the thumb-up activities of Pandora listeners, 102 of the most popular songs were scored.

The most-thumbed tracks are “Fifty Movies of Gray,” by Will Khalifa, from “Furious 7,” by Charlie Puth, from “Twilight 7,” to “A Thousand Years,” by Week Khalifa’s Weekend. “

Other classic film songs featuring include “Titanic”, “My Heart Will Run” by Colin Diane, “I Love You Always” by Whitney Houston’s “Bodyguard” and “Mrs.” by Simon and Robinson from Garfunkel’s “Graduation”.

The Oscar winners for Best Original Song by creating a playlist are Adele’s 2018 winner “Bradley Cooper’s” Shallow “from the remake of the James Bond movie” Skyfall “and Lady Gaga and” A Star Is Burn “of the same name.

The playlist can be streamed here. Here’s the full list of most-thumbed and favorite movie songs:

“It’s Acquired (Fifty Shades of Gray)” – The Weekend – “50 Shades of Gray”
“See you again (Feature. Charlie Puth)” – Wiz Khalifa – “Furious 7”
“A Thousand Years” – Christina Perry – “Twilight”
“Lose Yourself” – Eminem – “8 Miles”
“Iris” – Gu Gu Dolls – “City of Angels”
“Broken (Feature. Amy Lee)” – Sithar – “The Penisher”
“Somewhere Rainbow / What a Wonder World” – Thomas Newman – “Meet Joe Black”
“Regulate (Fame. Net Dog)” – Warren G – “On the Rim”
“End of the Road” – Boys 2nd Male – “Boomerang”
“I will always love you” – Whitney Houston – “Bodyguard”
“Happy” – Farrell Williams – “Desperate Me 2”
“Love Me Like You Do” – Eli Golding – “Fifty Shades of Gray”
“Paradise of Gangsta (fame. L. V.)” – Culio – “Dangerous Mind”
“Tiger’s Eye” – Alive – “Rocky III”
“Can’t Stop Feeling” – Justin Timberlake – “Trolls”
“Blow Me Now (Soundtrack Version)” – Martin O’Donnell and Michael Salvatere – “Hello 2”
“Young and Beautiful” – Lana del Rey – “The Great Gatsby”
“The Sweetest Thing (Fame. Lauren Hill)” – Refugee Camp Ulster – “Love Jones”
“Steinin ‘Alive” – ​​Bee Geese – “Saturday Night Fever”
“My Little Girl” – Tim McGrath – “My Friend Flicka”
“Breakacaway” – Kelly Clarkson – “Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement”
“Today was a story” – Taylor Swift – “Valentine’s Day”
“Lady Marmalade” – Christina Aguilera, Lil ‘Kim, Maya and Pink – “Moulin Rouge”
“I don’t want to miss a thing” – Aerosmith – “Armageddon”
“Elastic Heart (Features the Weekend and Diplo)” – Sia – “Hunger Games: To Catch Fire”
“(Everything I Do) I Do It For You” – Brian Adams – “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves”
“I Want You To Have Sex (Single Mix)” – Color Me Bud – “New Jack City”
“Doors to Heaven” (Nakshakin) – Bob Dylan – “Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid”
“I Cross My Heart” – George Strait – “Authentic Country”
“Mrs. Robinson” – Simon & Garfunkel – “Graduate”
“Exhale (Record)” – Berlin – “Top Gun”
“I’m a man of Constant Tire (credit. Dan Timinsky)” – The Soggy Bottom Boys – “Hey brother, where are you?”
“(I did) the time of my life” – Bill Medley and Jennifer Warns – “Dirty Dance”
“My Heart Will Go On” – Klein Diane – “Titanic”
“Don’t Late (Love)” – Enjoy – “Set Off”
“Back Time” – Pitbull – “Black 3 Men”
“Independent women, p. 1 (Edit # 1) “- Son of Destiny -” Charlie’s Angels “
“Decode” – Paramount – “Twilight”
“Nothing can stop us now” – Starship – “Manquin”
“Kiss” – Prince – “Under the Cherry Moon”
“When Pigeons Cry” – Prince – “Purple Rain”
“Night Fever (” Saturday Night Fever “from the soundtrack)” – Bee Geese – “Saturday Night Fever”
“Purple Rain” – Prince – “Purple Rain”
“Shining Glory” – John Bon Jovi – “Young Gun II”
“I Want You” – Olivia Newton-John – “Greece”
“Danger Zone” – Kenny Logins – “Top Gun”
“Under the river to pray” – Allison Krause – “Hey brother, where are you?”
“Shallow (radio editing)” – Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper – “A Star Born”
“Only Hope” – Mandy Moore – “Walking to Remember”
“Call Me” – Blondie – “American Zigolo”
“All Stars” – Central Lamar and SZA – “Black Panther”
“Exhale (Shop Shop)” – Whitney Houston – “Waiting to Exhale”
“Skyfall” – Adele – “Skyfall”
“You’re My Music” (Soundtrack Version) Troy and Gabriella – “High School Musical 2”
“Ghetto Superstar (This Is Who You Are) (Soundtrack Version) (Celebrity. Ol ‘DB)” – Pros Michel – “Bullworth”
“The Glory of Love” – ​​Peter Celtera – “Karate Kid Part II”
“Endless Love” – ​​The Supremacy – “Endless Love”
“Summer Night (Feature. John Travolta)” – Olivia Newton-John – “Greece”
“Rewrite the Stars” – Jack Efron and Zendaya – “The Best Showman of All Time”
“Nothing But Trouble” – Lil Wayne and Charlie Puth – “808”
“Ghostbusters” – Ray Parker Jr. & Radio – “Ghostbusters”
“Can’t help falling in love” – ​​UB40 – “Sliver”
“Almost Never Enough” – Ariana Grande and Nathan Sykes – “Death Machine: City of Bones”
“Reading slowly” – Glenn Hansard and Irglova in the market – “Once”
“Arthur’s Theme (Best You Can Do)” – Christopher Cross – “Arthur”
“A Hard Day Night (reposted 2015)” – The Beatles – “A Hard Day Night”
“Flashdance… What Feelings” – Irene Cara – “Flashdance”
“Son of Flynn” – Daft Punk – “Tron: Legacy”
“And I’m telling you I’m not going (highlight version)” – Jennifer Hudson – “Dreamgirls”
“Come Together” – The Beatles – “Sergeant. Pepper’s Lonely Heart Club Band”
“Against all adversity (take a look at me now)” (live) “- Phil Collins -” Against all adversity “
“Live and Late Die (2018 remaster)” – Paul McCartney and Wings – “Live and Late Die”
“On the Way Again” – Willie Nelson – “Honeysuckle Rose”
“You Don’t Forget About Me (Live) (1987) – Easy Minds -” Breakfast Club “
“Crazy for you” – Madonna – “Vision Quest”
“The Power of Love” – ​​Hugh Lewis and News – “Back to the Future”
“How I live” – ​​Trisha Earwood – “Con Air”
“Stay (I Miss You)” – Lisa Loeb – “Bite of Reality”
“Again” – Janet Jackson – “Poetry Judgment”
“Almost Heaven” – Mike Reno and Ann Wilson – “Foot”
“Until I hear it from you” – Jean Blossom – “Empire Records”
“Heartland” – George Strait – “Authentic Country”
“I just called you love you” – Steve Wonder – “Red in Woman”
“Mama Mia” – Mama Mia (Original Motion Picture Cast) – “Mama Mia”
“Kiss from the Rose” – Seal – “Batman Forever”
“Above all” – Cher and Peter Setera – “Possibilities”
“Something About Us” – Daft Punk – “Interstella 5555: 5 Crate 5 Star 5 System 5”
“Everything is awesome” – Tegan and Sara and Lonely Island – “The Lego Movie”
“On the Rainbow” – Judy Garland – “The Wizard of Oz”
“The Love of My Life (an Odd for Hip-Hop) (Ceremony in General)” – Erica Badu
“Black in Men” – Will Smith – “Black Men”
“Pusherman” – Curtis Mayfield – “Superfly”
“Tell You, Tell Me” – Lionel Richie – “White Nights”
“La Bamba (Version 45)” – Los Lobes – “La Bamba”
“9 to 5” – Dolly Parton – “9 to 5”
“You Can Be Mine” – Guns N ‘Roses – “Terminator 2”
“The Last Dance” – Donna Summer – “Thank God It’s Friday”
“Dead Souls” – Nine Inch Nail – “Crow”
“Philadelphia Streets” – Bruce Springsteen – “Philadelphia”
“Cell Block Tango” – Goodwin, Dennis Faye, Ekaterina Chachlekanoa, Ma Harrison and so Diggs – “Chicago”
“Fight with energy” – Manpower – “Do the right thing”
“Joy Ho!” – AR Rahman – “Slumdog Millionaire”

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