October 20, 2021


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‘Parallel Mothers’ Oscar prospect for Penelope Cruz, Pedro Almodোদvar

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Closing the New York Film Festival, Pedro Almodডvar’s new venture, “Parallel Mothers”, debuted with a favorite and dazzling twist from newcomer Minelope Cruz and newcomer Mylena Smith, both will be curious for the attention of many worthy awards. But could it go beyond that?

Having won the prestigious Volpi Cup at the Venice Film Festival, it is easy to see why Cruz was a favorite of the jury. While this is not the best work of his career, Cruz shows effortlessly all the interpretations and choices of his acting. The ability to shed tears, an undeniable sexual appeal, and the ability to command the camera lens is something many actresses of her caliber can’t. His Oscar journey began in the hands of a Spanish writer. He received his first nomination for “Volver” (2006), although the film was not nominated in the foreign language category. This turned her into an award magnet: she won two years later as an actress in Woody Allen’s “Vicky Cristina Barcelona” (200), and the next year for “Nine” (200)), a mixed review for the film. Despite. Apparently the weakest of the four acting categories this year, an intelligent award promoter like Sony Pictures Classic can give her the appropriate support to ensure she is nominated for Best Actress. Almodডিvar’s latest feature “Pain and Glory” (2019) has nominated Antonio Banderas as a late lead actor.

Equally impressive, and stealing the movie perfectly in many ways, the 25-year-old Smith calls for a character who feels like past nominees such as Marina de Tovera (“Roma”) and Chloe Savigny (“Boys Don’t Cry”). He was able to do a lot through the simple reflection of his voice or smash the audience with his eyes. She’s probably a long way to support actress recognition, but if the film manages to steam up and regional critics come to her aid (perhaps another LAFCA win for a foreign actress winner?), She could be her co-star on the “package deal” ballot. I don’t think you love Cruz without caressing Smith.

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Almodóvar has gathered in his collection one of his most aesthetically rich travels. His ace in the hole is composer Alberto Iglesias, who manages an exciting-filled yet intoxicating score that would be a crime to ignore the academy’s music branch. Three-time nominee for “The Constant Gardener” (2006), “The Kite Runner” (2007) and “Tinker, Taylor, Soldier, Spy” (2011), with a snub under his belt for “Pain and Glory” ( 2019), it is safe to say that he has now used the label “overdue”. Cinematographer Jose Lewis Alcaine, a frequent collaborator with Almodডvar, has come up with impressive bold colors and familiar framing that we love. With louder and bigger projects competing in “Dun” and “The Power of the Dog” like “Belfast” and “The Tragedy of Macbeth”, it could be challenging for him to lineup.

In classic Almodডvar fashion, the film, produced by Augustan Almodদেvar and Esther Garcia, is structured as a telenovela (or Spanish soap opera), featuring characters of moral ambiguity and complexity, with comic bits to balance. At this juncture in his career, critics and voters are on board with this construction, or they are not. Nonetheless, members of the author’s branch may find themselves drawn to it again, throwing him into controversy for the original screenplay. However, the script feels over-cooked, sprinkled with descriptive bits and verbs that don’t seem necessary, all reaching a final stage that has the ability to move viewers but can feel like a curveball.

So, where does this film stand in the race for prizes?

International Features There are many international entries to find love outside of the race. Another SPC distribution between Asghar Farhadi’s “A Hero” and Juho Kuosmanen’s “Compartment No. 6”, the overall reception and campaign strategy will determine the fate of Almodোvar’s films in key categories such as film and director.

Spain recently decided to submit “The Good Boss” instead of “Parallel” for international features, which stunned award scholars. Spain’s history with the Oscars has been quite fruitful, and it is currently the third-most nominated and won in the history of the International Features category (along with Japan and Denmark). Film director Jose Luis Garca has represented Spain seven times, winning four nominations and winning one. Almodদিvar has represented Spain seven times and received three Oscar nominations, including one win. As many will remember, the European country chose Fernando Leon de Aranoir’s “Monday in the Sun” instead of Almodোদvar’s “Talk to Her” in 2001, which resulted in their selection not being nominated for the academy. “Talk to Him” got the name for directing and the original screenplay, the latter of which he won.

Only time will tell whether we see a parallel between the recent embrace of other foreign languages ​​(e.g., Thomas Winterberg for “Another Round”) or whether it will emulate the last few cinematic initiatives from among Spain’s favorite filmmakers.

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