October 26, 2021


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Paula Markovic’s ‘Angeles’: Cuvas de Altamira, Avanti, Gualicho

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Mexico’s Cuvas de Altamira and Avanti Cinema and Argentina’s Guilcho Cine and Isla Bonita have teamed up to co-produce “Angels”, the latest feature of director-producer-writer Paula Markovic, whose feature film debut, two upcoming dramas “The Award, 2011”. Silver beer won.

Cuevas de Altamira is Markovich’s label. In a difficult drama, its main character is a poor child, who sells sweets on the street and a fifty people drown in despair, the director said.

The first directed 1999’s “Perriférico”, a short-lived Diego Luna, Markovich turned into an influential Latin American cinematographer, wrote Fernando Mbke’s “Postal Season” which won eight awards in Guadalajara in 2004, and Lorenzo’s Vegas 2021 in Venice. . “

“Angels” will be Markovic’s fourth feature as director. It explores the unexpected and raw stories of David and Angels. “One afternoon, David confessed to Angels that he would commit suicide by jumping from a building. Ángeles doesn’t try to talk to him. Together, they steal bottles of whiskey that will get him the nerves to jump, “Markovich explained. Diversity.

He added: “Above all, it is unreasonable to search for ‘inspiration’ to survive. Maybe we don’t live because life is nice or scary, but because we were born. Because we came to this place: life. An interesting, scary, but above all unpredictable place.”

The Angels Prudal title will be “Angels”. The young actress took part in Markovich’s “Painting in the Dark” in 201 Mark.

Yoshi Jaga in Avanti added: “We think the way it touches on the issue of mental health makes it a much-needed film during this epidemic.” Mexican brothers Yossi and Jack Jagger’s latest production, Fernanda Veladez’s feature debut “Identifying Features” won only nine awards at the 25th Mexico Academy Ariel Awards on September 25th.

The producers are about to start pre-production. The film is scheduled to be shot in Cordoba, Argentina from January 2022.

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Credit: Cuvas de Altamira Productions

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