March 25, 2023


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Pearl Jam fans will remember who died at the Rosekild Festival, 20 years later – Variety

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Pearl Jam pays tribute to the memory of nine fans who died on June 30, 2000, performing at the Rosekild Festival with an emotional speech written by guitarist Stone Gasard on behalf of the band. “It’s been 20 years since that day,” Gassard wrote. “But nothing happened like before.”

The band was in the middle of performing the twelfth music on the set of “Daughter”, when the general admission crowd advanced and hundreds of fans lost their feet on the muddy-wet field. Before the show, frontman Eddie Veddar pleaded with the 50,000 strong spectators to stop moving forward. But today, as Gassard wrote, “[we] I didn’t realize it was too late. “

“After 20 years we have 11 more kids in the band, all of them are valuable and in 20 years we have,” he added. “Our understanding of gravity and loss by the parents of boys has increased significantly because we imagine that our own children are dying in situations like Rosekill 2000. It is unimaginable, yet it exists. Our worst nightmare. “

Gosard admits that initially Pearl Jam “retreated and became angry after many reports. [the band] Was responsible, ”the allegation which was quickly disproved. “It simply came to our notice then. We hid and hope it wasn’t our fault. We have been trying our best to make it unintentional ever since. ”

In fact, in early 2003, the Gazard band members conducted an effort to meet with the families of the deceased fans. Some of them attended the Pearl Jam concert in Berlin on June 30, 2010, on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the tragedy, and were especially close to the family of the late Australian fan Anthony Hurley.

“We have built strong friendships with some people, sharing and supporting each other. Some of us don’t know, ”he said.“ It was the first line among the young people who liked PJ and wanted to get closer.

In the immediate aftermath of Rosekild, Pearl Jam struggled to continue as a band but finally returned to the stage a month later, Virginia Beach, brother. Tracks like “I’m My” and “Love Boat Captain” reflect sensations from multiple perspectives.

“Every day our heart continues to ache and our stomachs focus on the thought of those young people dying and if anything else, it just doesn’t change anything,” Gassard writes. “We are forever in the shadow of your pain and loss and we embrace that shadow and are forever grateful for sharing that sacred place.”

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