October 20, 2021


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Pearl Jam has released six new songs on the first show in three years

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Pearl Jam’s first live show in more than three years was a show at sea on Saturday, Sept. 1. Listen now to the beach festival at Enjberry Asbury Park, as the group debuted six songs from their 2020 album “Gigaton” and welcomed new travel member Josh Klinghaffer.

Pearl Jam opened the 20-song set with three new songs in a row: “Dance of the Clairvents”, “Quick Escape” and “Seven O’Clock.” Klinghaffer’s presence was quickly felt here, as he contributed throughout guitar and backing vocals. The best of the rest was “Never Destination”, a spritty rocker that served as a great segu in the classic “Even Flow”. Drummer Matt Cameron’s “Take the Long Way” and the brilliant, veder-written “Superblood Wolfmoon” were also played for the first time.

Thanks to the Jersey Shore setting and his long-standing friendship with the Pearl Jam world, Bruce Springsteen was the subject of rumors that he would appear surprised during the set. The man did not appear in person, but Wadder saluted his music and Asbury Park legacy with a cover of the boss’s Asbury tribute “My City of Ruins”, a four-piece choir that gathered yesterday for a performance.

Sea. Now listen producer and prominent rock photographer Danny Clinch was a guest with the band on the harmonica during “Red Mosquito”. Clinch has worked closely with Pearl Jam and Springsteen for many years and has long been a champion of music and culture at Asbury Park. His local gallery, Transparent Clinic, has hosted a festival pop-up featuring strip-down performances and original artwork from the festival work.

In a set of so many new content, Pearl Jam didn’t miss the hits, “Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town”, “Flying in,” “State of Love and Trust,” “Good Man” and “Porch” Vintage Rock ‘n’ Roll Power Calls.

To close the show, Patty Smith joined Pearl Jam for guitarist Lenny Kaye Neil Young’s “Rockin ‘The Free World.”

“We’re glad you did it,” Veder told the 20,000,000 strong spectators, most of whom bought tickets to see the festival as planned a year ago. “We’re happy to do it and I think we’re all going to make it together.”

For Klinghofer, he replaced guitarist John Frusiente in the 2009 Chile Papers, but was replaced by Frussiante in 2001 when he regained his job. Since then, he has moved into orbit to perform guitarist Mike McCreedy’s Peak to Sky. Contributed to the festival in Montana and frontman Eddie Vader’s upcoming solo album, “Earthling”.

Klinghaffer was scheduled to open Pearl Jam’s 2020 tour of North America through his Pluralon project, and sources told Variety that Pearl Jam also had plans to contribute during the set, primarily to help release songs from the then-new “Gigaton” album. Although no announcement was made at the time, Klinghaffer received a planned trek on March 18 before the start of the exercise with Park Jam, which was canceled due to the Covid-1 pandemic epidemic and has not yet been rescheduled. She made a brief appearance on camera while performing Pearl Jam’s “Dance of the Clairvents” for the June 2020 Coved Live Stream.

As previously reported, Pearl Jam will return for the next two weekends at the Vedana Ohana Festival at Dana Point in California.

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