March 25, 2023


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Pearl Jam ‘Well in WA’ Livestream – Debut First COVID-Era Performance

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Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, Pearl Jam’s 2020 tour in support of her new album “Gigaton” was postponed before it began. But the Seattle band gave fans first taste of what a live performance of “Gigaton” would sound like when it aired the socially distant version of “The ClearVance’s Dance” Wednesday night as part of a concert for “All in WWW: Seevid-19 Relief”. Stream event.

“All in the WA” also starred Dave Matthews, Brandy Carlyle, McCallmore, Ben Gibbard of Death Cab for Curtis, Siara, Sir Mix-a-Lot and Allen Stone. It has aired on Washington stations KREM, King 5, Kong and KSKN, as well as Amazon Prime.

In the video, which is now available on Pearl Jam’s YouTube channel, each member of the band plays his part in the breakup, with Eddie Weather revolving around a room decorated with psychedelic lights and other odd lights, with bassist Jeff Amment tapping key synth parts with his Montana home. From the studio control room and guitarist Mike McCreedy pulls out the jam while the jam-out-on-dark is decorated in paint. Veder’s wife and daughters also make an appearance in the background of his scene.

Additionally, the performance features the contributions of former Red Hot Chili Pepper guitarist Josh Klinghofer, who started the Gigaton canceled Gigaton tour with his new Plurlon project. This is the first time Klinghofer has topped the “live” Pearl Jam performance.

The first single released from “Gigaton” was “Dance of the Clairvoyants” and head over heels with its new wave-sounding sound. Album producer Josh Evans said Diversity Earlier this year he was thrilled with the new direction but wondered, “How can this be on Pearl Jam’s record? Then Ed came and sang his parts and it became a pearl jam song. For me, it has legitimized the way we work. If we could do it, we could do something. Looks like we cracked the code after this song. It was really inspiring for me. “

In other Pearl Jam news, the group had earlier postponed its planned September presence at AAD Weather’s Ohana Festival in Doheny Park, CA. The event will now take place on September 22-26, 2021. All previously confirmed actors will be part of the new date, including King-of-Leone, My Morning Jacket, The Pretenders, Maggie Rogers, Sharon Van Eaten and Beddar.

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