October 23, 2021


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Pecado ‘A La Cara’ Josefine’s’ Javier Marco & Belén Sanchez-Arévalo

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Madrid-based Pecado Films will produce “A La Cara”, the second feature of director Javier Marco and screenwriter Balon Sanchez-Arvalo whose debut, “Josephine”, was acclaimed at the world premiere this week in San Sebastian.

Written by Marco and Sanchez-Arivallo and directed by Marco, Sophomore Outing will continue their 13-minute film title of the same title that won the 2021 Spanish Academy Goa for Best Fiction.

The feature project has been selected for a Spanish Academy 2021-22 Residency, and it will be presented at the Sinhrizont Marseilles Spanish Film Festival.

Written by Sanchez-Arivallo and directed by Marco, the short “A la Cara” begins with Pedro opening the door of his modest flat to Lena, a famous writer and TV host who said on the phone that he was interested in buying his house. But the real reason he came is because Pedro read aloud in one of his recent tweets: “You deserve what happened to you. I hope you kill yourself too, f *** ing bitch. I’ll help you if you want.”

Briefly makes a devastating comment about the incompetence of internet trolling. Lina had to get Pedro for a few minutes to meet her needs in her presence.

But it leaves a lot of loose edges. “Will you really?” Lena asks, when Pedro finally utters “If you want, I’ll help you.”

In short, it seems like a joke. But we never learn what happened to Lena. And perhaps his question was one of real interest: that he was really looking for someone who could help him die.

The feature promises to take the step forward by capitalizing on the shortcomings of the short. “Two days later, the police knock on Pedro’s door. Lena’s car was found with her mobile. Pedro was the last person to see him alive, “the summary reads.

Marco and Sচেnchez Aravallo’s second feature, “Josephine” comes after a strong response from many critics caught on San Sebastian, El Blog de Cine Espaলol, saying, “This is one of the films of the year.”

The Odyssey Antonio Boyce line, produced by Pecado Films, was short-lived. Jose La Alba, producer of Pecado Films, said the “La La Cara”, long feature, would maintain the basis of Josephine’s discretion, which would encourage viewers to infer character sensations from gestures, actions, or even costumes or miss-n-scans.

“We preserve a style that is subtle and where everything is relative. As a spectator you do the work of fixing exactly what is happening and the character’s feelings, ”Alba said Diversity.

A little The feature can be included to provide its set-up.

Alba said he expected its lead – Manolo Solo, “Josephine” and Sonia Almarcha (“La Soladad”) – to act in a feature whose “most obvious way” of financing would be through a traditional theatrical release route and pre-buy the broadcaster.

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