February 8, 2023


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Pictures of the contract introduced by the ex-Lot’s executive

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South Korea will find a significant new development and production company, led by experienced studio executives, at the center of contemporary cultural enthusiasm. The new venture, Content Pictures, began working with the producers of the financial franchise, a bizarre slate and the hit “Will the Gods” movie franchise.

The deal itself is touring Asia for an IP that will be made and produced as a Korean-made film and TV series. The net of East Asia relations may expand in the future.

The deal co-founded Lot Media Works (formerly Lotte Cinema), the co-founder of Co’s second-largest longitudinal-integrated cinema, with both former GMs, Lee Young Han and Justin Choi. Lee has experience in production and film finance, handling more than 90 titles while in Lotte Lotte, while Choe’s focus was on international affairs, acquisitions and marketing on Paramount Pictures’ sub-distribution relationship in Korea.

“Korea today is the most exciting and dynamic entertainment market in the world. Contract Pictures is designed and built to combine competitive core IP, co-production opportunities with first-class Korean talent and valuable global strategic partnerships, “Choi said. Different.

To throw the initiative into a high gear, the pair has gained strategic support from Taiwanese investor and distributor Kai Chang International, whose credits include “Credit with the Gods” and the recent “OK!” Includes credits. Madame ”and Purple Plan, a 20-year-old Southeast Asian regional distribution company led by Singapore-based Violet Cowan.

Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. Kai Chang and Purple Plans could also work with contracts on local content in Taiwan, Singapore and Vietnam.

The first-of-its-kind co-production deal with Blade Studios gives the contract a viable springboard. The company was founded by director Kim Young-hawa by God behind a string of commercially successful Korean films, including “Take Off”, “Mr. Go,” “200 Pound Beauty,” and “The Worlds with the Worlds,” and 49 days.

“I have high expectations for the management of Contract Pictures. I hope we can work together on different projects and have the opportunity to grow both companies, ”Kim said in an emailed statement. Kim is currently in pre-production on the Korean tentpole “The Moon”.

The deal has already progressed with the development of several major projects from IP, including novels, web toons and existing films. These include: the book-to-film adaptation of “goes to a spy school from North Korea”; “A,” a web toon that was the 2020 winner of the ComeCon Awards and has 65 million viewers; The original script, “Bari” is about a woman who was repeated by reincarnation for a thousand years, but now she thinks of herself as a chicken; And a bracelet of remakes of the film.

“Our ambition is to develop and produce Korean films and series based on verified and proven IP. We will also discover young talented writers and work with those who understand current trends among young audiences around the world and together develop a competitive core story, ”Lee said.

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