October 16, 2021


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Piluka Bakero launches Miguel Bueno Ramen Story & Content Studio

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Spanish producer Piluka Bakero (“Lo Cue So de Lola”) is set to launch Ramen Story and Content Studio, a new and ambitious TV-film production venture, with former BTF media executive Miguel Bueno.

Also on board are Miguel Arnas, Jose Antonio Bosch and Jesus Gomez, who will serve as executive producers under the title Bacro, Bueno, who spent most of his career creating commercials, is Ramen’s content director.

Ramen is focusing on two projects to get started but in terms of annual production “we are not setting a specific limit”, Bakero said at the San Sebastian Festival on Sunday where the partners unveiled the new company.

Outside the first gate is the sci-fi drama series “Solar”. Kaik Milo, who appeared on the scene with his characteristic debut “Eva”, is working directly from the script of Alex Mendobil, co-author of HBO Max’s Spanish comedy “Sean Novedad”.

A documentary called “The Kicks of the Future” looks at football and how it has benefited four young fans of the game.

Ramen, Arnas Post-Production Manager and Director of Innovation), Bosch Communications and Content Director and Gomez will serve as its financial director and investment specialist, looking to attract investors to invest in the company or its projects. Gomez has more than 30 years of experience in financing, working in multiple sectors.

Bakero, whose last production was seven years ago, said he would be at the top of the cinema and audiovisual fiction department at Camilo Jose Cella U in Spain. Diversity That Bueno told him to return to production.

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“I had an idea that I thought was really interesting so I met Pilukar and we started talking. Instead of just having a creator, I thought it would be better to put together a team of creatives to make slate,” Bueno said. Diversity.

“Especially with the recent success of Spanish TV shows on a global scale, this is a good time to launch a new venture,” Bakero added.

Ramen’s gameplan, which aims to start shooting in 2022, is set to finish the script of the TV series by November. The company wants to create their own projects, as well as third-party projects. The material could include series, movies, and documentaries, he confirmed.

Bueno added: “We’ve thought about a number of things in our company’s DNA development, above all, creative ambition is more important than a project’s budget level. The second thing that comes from our experience in the commercial sector is talent selection and management. ”

One of Spain’s best-known female producers, producing more than 20 features and documentaries, Baker’s past credits include “Mama S. Boba”, “Hitting Bottom” (1), “Fading Memories (1)) and” Lo Ki So de Lola “. (2006).

Bueno recently co-produced “The Exorcist of Avila”, which will be produced and produced by Sequoia Studios in Spain.

John Hopewell contributed to this article.

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