October 23, 2021


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Pixar Documentary ‘A Spark Story’ Trailer Debut

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Since the launch of the streaming service, Disney has been pulling the screen to see how magic is actually created in the studio. Providing wild access to moments of the fans ’closest creative process, the“ Gallery ”series revealed that Marvel went on to put the effects of their comic book into practice on“ Vandavision ”. And we won’t forget who Sterling is. Brown learns that his “Frozen II” song is “Into the Unknown: Making Frozen II” on camera (a really disturbing look at the work that goes into crafting. And performing an animated feature).

Next in the Disney docket, a peek inside the Pixar. Diversity The first trailer for “A Spark Story” is a feature-length documentary that takes viewers into the SparkShorts program. For the undefeated, SparkShorts is an internal initiative designed to highlight the exciting talent in Pixar terms and to tell new stories. The managers are each given six months and a team of Pixar staff to bring their vision to life (given the coveted limitation in 2020, the latest shorts have increased production for a little longer than usual). The program has only been a few years, but has already created several favorite animations, such as “Pearl” and “Kitbull”.

The film follows Afton Corbin and Louis Gonzalez following new spark shorts as they take a break from their regular Pixar work that focuses entirely on creating something of their own.

Corbin, nicknamed “Twenty Something”, was a Calarts student who caught Pixar’s eye after publishing several web comics about growing up in a predominantly white suburb. “I just told these stories about what it was like to be one of the very few blacks in this environment and post them online,” Corbyn revealed. Diversity. “A lot of people really have a relationship with them in a way that I wasn’t necessarily looking for. I wasn’t looking for a slap in the back. It’s just this cathartic thing that I was doing. And I got a lot of responses from it, and Pixar was included … but it was a way that I could probably share a universal truth that a lot of people experienced, and shared themselves. And so I was taken in 2016 for an internship. And then, hired and worked on ‘Toy Story 4’.

Before moving to Pixar, Gonzalez worked with the animated classic “Iron Giant” and several other Warner Bros. animated features. Encouraged by producer John Walker, who worked on Brad Bird’s next feature “The Incredibles”, Gonzalez thinks he was encouraged to send his book because he didn’t have an email at the time. This was the beginning of his time at Pixar. “Twenty years later, I’m here,” the director laughed.

The feature will follow both Corbin and Gonzalez from the inception of SparkShorts to the premiere (both SparkShorts “Nona” and “Twenty Something” are now available for viewing at Disney Plus). After working at Pixar for several years, what was the biggest surprise they learned from the director’s chair? “Our level of freedom,” Corbyn said. “Before, I was a storyteller, it was an amazing thing that I didn’t have to pitch to anyone, that I didn’t have a full executive overhead. It was just like, ‘Go for it.’ And it was all blue sky, something goes. Alone was horrible and others were trying to get over it year after year after doing what I wanted to do for their film, it depended on me, it was a push.

“When I started, I had this overwhelming concern about where I was in my career and expectations,” Gonzalez revealed. “And it was this weird thing, where I found myself feeling like I was walling everyone up and feeling like I had to put it on my shoulders and be a hero. And very quickly it just seemed unstable. Don’t let me in, how can I lead a team? If I don’t invite, bring in short people, how am I going to do it well? Because I can’t do it on my own. And I think the big thing was, my How much I had to give up believing in the team.Not that I wouldn’t believe them otherwise, but when it’s yours and it’s your first and you’re putting all this pressure on yourself, of course you want to destroy it completely through the last region and be a hero . ”

Directed by Jason Starman and Leanne Dare, “A Spark Story” will premiere September 24 at Disney Plus. Watch the full trailer below:

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