January 31, 2023


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Podcasts to Help with New Year’s Resolutions: Fitness, Money, Happiness

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With a new year comes a new collection of pressures: get fit, eat better, manage your finances, become a whole new person. That’s probably not the most realistic goal, but experts say changing one thing at a time can have lasting results. A painless way to get into the habit-change mindset is to start by listening to a few of these podcasts, which offer entertaining and informative hacks to building a better year.

Hosted by comedian Jessica Chaffin’s alter ego Rona Glickman, along with actor-comedian Brian Saffy, this comedy-oriented advice show invites celebrity guests like Patton Oswalt to discuss the best way to talk to friends about an unconventional relationship. Tips for throwing a party at a co-op or checking your naughty behavior. Will these disrespectful people help you become a better person? Maybe — they even cover how to curb overeating on snacks, so anything is possible when you’re having so much fun.

The Atlantic tackles all the building blocks for building more satisfying relationships, families, jobs and more. With soulful music selections and contributions from “Happiness Correspondent” Arthur Brooks, this podcast is a painless way to find something that might be holding you back.

Psychology graduate student Gemma Sebegg covers many topics that will be familiar to anyone trying to navigate their first decade as an adult — from imposter syndrome to break-ups, setting boundaries and seasonal depression. And of course, there’s a recent episode of The Psychology of New Year’s Resolutions that illustrates just how much change is really possible.

For several years now, Paula Pant has been showing listeners how to invest their money, join rental businesses, maximize retirement funds, and generally how to work less and enjoy life more. Want to know if housing prices are falling or how to figure out which cities are good to invest in? Paula and her panel of expert guests can offer advice on all this and more, and you can record your own question to be answered on the next show. This podcast is for those just learning about investing and those ready to dive into more complex topics.

Before you sign up for the latest fitness or nutrition craze, it’s a good idea to educate yourself on what’s effective and what’s a load of malarkey. “Maintenance Phase” looks at concepts like the nutrition pyramid, the French paradox, goop, Dr. Oz, and apple cider vinegar to debunk and inform using science and expert sources.

Ever wonder where all the lifestyle advice experts get their knowledge from — or if it’s even backed up by anything? In the “Huberman Lab” podcast by Dr. Andrew Huberman, professor of neurobiology and ophthalmology at Stanford School of Medicine, scientists break down cutting-edge research studies into understandable language to explain optimizing and coping strategies. Sleep, stress, caffeine, meditation, happiness, healthy eating and more.

NPR’s How to Make Life podcasts are easy and breezy in just 20 minutes per show, with experts and NPR reporters talking about how to do everything a little more effectively. The New Year’s edition talks about the best time to start a new habit based on behavioral science, while other recent episodes cover de-cluttering, starting an exercise routine, how to cut back on alcohol and — we approve — how to be a good movie star. audience

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