September 21, 2021


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Polly plot, Hollywood groundbreaker, sexual harassment involved – variety

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Polly Platt, the production designer, screenwriter, producer and main collaborator of artists like James L. Brooks and Peter Bogdanovich, doesn’t get the credit he deserves as a creative genius.

Karina Longworth’s new season, which has thoroughly researched all aspects of Hollywood history, aims to correct that injustice. Entitled “Poly Platt, Invisible Woman,” the series details Platt’s integral role in creating classics such as “Final Image Display,” “Paper Moon,” “Terms of Cleanliness,” “Broadcast News,” and “Say Something.” “It also describes his tumultuous personal life – the fight against alcohol, as well as the emotional toll that broke his marriage to Bogdanovich, which put him on the set of” The Last Picture Show “for Sybil Shepherd.

Platt was disruptive in every sense of the phrase, becoming one of the first women to join the Production Designers Guild and blowing up the path of sexist Hollywood based on her ideas and incredible talent. However, in the #Metu era, he often faced discrimination and harassment, mostly at the hands of prominent filmmakers like Bud Yorkin who tried to sleep with him during the making of “The Thief Who Came to Dinner” and Robert Altman, a pre-production work on “Nashville”. Offered him while doing.

Many of Platt’s alleged harassers have died, and Platt himself died in 2011. But one of his co-defendants, Paul Verhaven, is still alive and working. In the latest episode of the show, Longworth uses parts of Platt’s unpublished memoirs as source material, and in one section he recalls a dinner meeting with Verhaven to discuss the possibility of a “Charles Bukovsky” novel that Platt took for granted. Filmmaker of “Basic Engagement”. Verhaven rejected an earlier draft of the plot. When Barbara Boyle, a producer who was present at the meeting, raised the possibility, Platt did not respond well to the suggestion of a debut with his “woman.”

Platt wrote, “He was very upset at this suggestion.” As we stood in the restaurant’s fountain to say good night to Paul, he lifted my sweater in front of everyone and whispered in my ear, ‘If you f-k me, I’ll ask you to write it.’ ‘

Boyle told Longworth that he had no memory of the incident. Through his director, Verhaven has declined to comment. In a 1993 issue of Premier Magazine’s Platt, the director shared some memories of working on the screenplay that didn’t come of age.

“We’ll meet at the Bell Edge Hotel and discuss our sex life,” Verhaven told reporters Rachel Abramovit. “It was a good thing at breakfast.”

In an email, Longworth said everything he knew about the alleged incident was in the podcast, noting that Vertoivan’s alleged progress plate was more than one incident involving powerful men who had cut through his career.

“All I can say is that sometimes Polly misrepresented the details of events in her memoirs, usually she had a reputation for being ruthlessly honest,” Longworth said. “The story he describes is similar to what happened more than 20 years ago, where many of the men in the film industry he worked with seemed to disrespect professional boundaries. It comes in almost every episode of the season. To me the story is no one director and it is not an event; The story is, this kind of thing happened every day for decades and not only was it commented on, but it was not considered significant. And if we’re going to talk about why there’s still no gender parity in the film industry, we need to understand the climate that has been going on for decades.

In the decades that followed, there was much debate in the film business about ways to promote more female filmmaking talents. And a lot of progress has been made. However, as Longworth notes, make-up still has a lot of ground. A study by San Diego State University found that last year, 20 percent of all directors, writers, producers, executive producers, cinematographers and editors who worked for the 100 highest-grossing films among women were women. It’s a four percent increase and a historic high, but still a poultry figure considering half the population.

As for the plot, thanks to Longworth’s In-Depth series, his contributions to film history are finally being recognized and celebrated. This “invisible woman” is now visible.

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