April 2, 2023


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Pop Smoke’s ‘Shoot for the Stars, Aim for the Moon’: Album Review – Variety

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From his long breaks, mischievous baritone and coxsackie cockle to the Brooklyn swagger that came through each track, the rapper had a kind of pointed signature of pop smoke that made him unique and lots of sales. After the “Welcome to the Party” and “Dyer” of 2019, this summer’s NYC’s BLM demonstration excitement and excitement-music-like drill-inspired cuts were as violent and obscene as the Wu-Tang Clan’s ever-monotonously promising RJD. Smoke and his British production posts (adorned with 606 melons) evoked some unreal and silent-ish, but it was contagious and somewhat pleasurable – a summer block party at Stephen King’s “Heaven”. While U-Tang’s harsh word was still, the most interesting aspect of pop smoke was its fluidity. If you’ve ever wondered what the word “hard water” means to a plumber, listen to “Flexin”.

Looks like a robbery at his rented property in Los Angeles He was shot and killed in February, when Pop Smoke was on its way to becoming the premier hunt-house-hit-maker of 2020. He was 20 years old. As happened just before COVID-19 and the ongoing anti-BLM police protests in that city, there is still no answer or suspicion of Pope’s murder. What Smoke has in store since his death is his posthumous, first-length, almost-finished album with his manager / sail / label-owner Steven Victor putting it together on the final stage রেখে Melo and a crew at Drill Best. Add features from 50 cents (the album’s executive producer), Future, Roddy Rich, several Babies (Dabby, Lil Baby) and more, and “The Stars for Stars, Moon of I Mam” retains weight, invents and – Forgiveness – Fire is burning more than smoke.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah” and a shout out to his producer, “Toyko (intro) to Bad Beach”, the debut of the smoker, “I’m seeing a killer in his eyes,” Danger. Things quickly become ambitious as the high-level Kawavo’s arrogant oc 808 melo of “Keep an eye on the moon” and Ondagurl’s symbol-tapping groove, mixed with crab ditches, sinks to the depths of a newly excavated grave, allowing rappers to sound as if they were on the battlefield. Ongoing. The same goes for grilling, the Philly-Milli-Atlanta soul “yes yes” and the “for the night” soul are later featured in Lil Baby and Dabby’s productions with CassmoniAP and Palage. Less of a fog here, the Autotined Baritone is a folk flute and acoustic guitar arrangement for the push melodic uplift. These kind of tracks can make you realize that there was a possibility of fun, even sweet, song crafts beyond the pop smoking drill. Clips of “Mood Swings” like “808 And Heartbreak” And Processed Vocals Of “Something Special” – “Yeah, I Need That True Love / I Tokin ‘Bobby And Whitney” – So Romantic They Wind Up As Corney, But A Really touching fashion. These kind of delicious melodies lift the tracks to guide the smoke. She gets distracted about acquisitions, coincidences or aspirations, gets the art of pop smoke music

In addition, there is plenty of room for authentic nets. Examples of Death Disco Viber of Creeping “Chrysler” and “Hotel Lobby” drills with Soai Lee. The melodic synth tone of “44 Bulldogs” gives smokers a chance to cough and rhyme at the same time as John Carpenter’s movie-Skype, but as disappointing as the song “Gangsters” ‘s piano lead-in. Ownership of the streets of New York is a concern in Smoke’s singing, “The Voice of the Street, People / It’s Like Jesus Walking” / More Christopher Walking “as proof of the hard roll. Nevertheless, it is Smoke’s melodic protective sensibility that makes the” Gangsters “chorus deadly and Makes memorable – the summer feeling-hit, starting with the first line of it, “I’m in New York (wow) with the thugs.”

Wow big thing for smoking. His EPs for 2019 and 2020 were titled “Meet the Who”. It is used as a punctuation throughout many of his tracks, such as James Brown’s “Good God” or Michael Jackson’s “Shaman”. Along with this, the production of “The Ow”, Pulse 50 Cent and Roddy Rich and surprisingly softly 808 Melo is another weirdness. Instead of presenting dark drill tunes or even the usual gray cockle-croon of smoke, the track is filled with flickers of Spanish acoustic guitar and the smoke makes it high and beautiful with its buds, even giving 50 quotes in one of his signature cuts, “Candy y Shopping Oddly enough, a lot of the time the smoke feels a bit like Curtis Jackson – guitar-stricken “enjoy yourself”.

The album takes you to a sleepy wilderness with tracks like “West Coast S” and “Make It Rain” but luckily it’s time to end the triple threat of the previously released music “Dior” (a bonus track) s here, Bell Tied ” Got it on top of me “and surrounded” Tunnel Vision (Outro) “. Although the latter seems to have merged with pop smoke interview clips at the end of the track, Grand “Got It On My” smokes his future-forward Clear. The track splits it up (50 cents “many men (death to death)”) of smoke like “get it” praying for those who are out for his blood, be it a small disc or an all-out attack. Although its verses are adorned with slippery rhymes of choice (“Are you redin ‘or are you hiding? / If you slide you hate me”), its soul assistant – like many smoking centers – also presents a feeling of upliftment when the wall behind it Against.

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