September 20, 2021


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Rao Family Block Fest: What Happened?

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Since the moment it was announced, the Rev Family Block Fest has seemed to be true: more than 950 artists – including big names like A-Track, Zoo, MJ, Maya Jane Coles, Kruangbin and even Paris Hilton – and 85 stages in Game Minecraft It is located as the largest virtual festival so far. What’s more, the Rev family and its chief executive, Jackie McGuire, aimed to pay each artist for their participation, a rarity among the virtual events limited by the limitations of COVID-19.

However, those great goals are shattered very quickly. After the first day of the first of July, part of which referred to it as the “Fear Festival of Minecraft,” the Rev. Family Block Fest was postponed indefinitely.

“I can’t ask [my team], Fans who have supported us, or artists who use the time and energy to create this amazing event to continue working under our stress level at the moment, “McGuire wrote in the Rav Family Suspension Announcement.” Giving the Sapphire experience is not fair to anyone involved. What we actually created versus what we were able to deliver is heartbreaking. The participants paid for the experience they deserved. “

So what’s wrong? McGuire, others involved in the event, and insiders say Diversity The fall of that festival is a perfect storm of complications with misinterpretations, over-planning, an overwhelmed staff and a ticketed event and internet trolls.

According to their account, the area is about two weeks before the festival, the area where so many online events have sunk before: the wrong communication started at Streaming Rights. To ensure that artists and rights holders will be paid, the Rev family takes $ 10 for general admission to the event. McGuire explained that the Rev family had entered into an agreement with MusicCloud to handle both music genres and to pay 30% of ticket revenue to ensure proper compensation to the rights holders of each song used in the DJ mix. However, McCloud passed the job of streaming back to the Rev family.

“We didn’t just have to sign in to each account individually – we’re talking about 85 steps – to start each stream we had to start separate streams and login to a different web page,” McGuire said.

On a day of encouragement to solve the problem, the rave family team gave themselves five hours of start time, just to find out if Mixcloud’s website was off. They considered switching to another platform, but the reason for using MixCloud was to make sure artists and rights holders were given a fair price. Although he understands the purpose of the Rev family, Ross Barr, co-founder of dance label Disciplinary Records, says that using platforms like YouTube for music streaming is a much easier solution than Burr throwing two successful Minecraft festivals with his label and knowing that DJs play music by other artists. Then payments can become complicated.

“We knew we were going to get into a lot of copyright issues so we told all the artists, just use the disciple’s own music and only the music,” Burr said. “We’ve released thousands of songs, so it wasn’t hard for us to do it.”

The MixCloud website finally returns about ten minutes before the start of the festival, and McGuire and his team rush to get the mixes and place them on top of the regular players in the mixcoud, where these mixes can be seen publicly without increasing their direct player to save time. Some artists do not agree that their blends should be universal – where they can be performed multiple times as opposed to one-time livestreams – and McGuire reduces them. However, the people present were still without music for part of the festival and no one was able to hear their favorite artists or labels as promised due to the need for the mixes to be universal.

“I don’t want to draw it as if they worked with bad intentions,” McGuire said of Mixcloud. “I think what happened was we came to them, ‘Hey we have this thing, it could be huge and we need help,’ and I think they were really interested in getting involved and ‘we can do it.’ , And like them were just shortened in many ways. “

Mixcloud, on the other hand, insists that there is no established partnership between them and the Rav family.

“Seeing that there is no legal or licensed way to stream music within Mincraft, the Rave Family organizers approached MixCloud about using our platform to get the music streaming component of their event,” said Nico Perez, CEO of MixCloud. “An open platform that supports all kinds of creators, MixCloud provided the same amount of streaming technology for organizers at that we do for millions of creators around the world every month. Mixcloud was not involved in the organization or promotion of the event. “

For Windows, MacOS and Linux – the Java version of Microsoft – for Windows, MacOS and Linux – The Rev family also experienced some in-game combat while converting Beder, allowing users to play in the Minecraft app using their mobile devices. A pause in conversion programming causes the stages to disappear and players get stuck in holes, disabling their navigation. Furthermore, due to the pressure of the transformation, the Rev. family’s original Minecraft developer left just 36 hours before the start of the event.

Because the event had already been postponed once before Microsoft Update Minecraft was unavailable, McGuire was hesitant to do so again and moved on to the first day of the festival.

“The choice is not to buy tickets to this festival from 5-40% of the people or to get us started as soon as possible and then try to fix it, which is not what we did. . “

Another big complication came that unlike most Minecraft festivals, the Rave Family Block Fest was a ticketed event, which McGuire said was what it was like to pay artists. He said about 3,000 tickets were sold at the festival, but no money was taken from EventBret if any money was deferred.

“I did not make any money from it. Every single penny of ticket sales is still sitting at EventBright, I paid this whole thing out of my pocket and my whole staff volunteered, ”McGuire said.“ I did it for the artists – because I have a lot of friends who are DJs who are next. You won’t be able to play for two years. “

Asked about the idea of ​​a ticketed Minecraft event, Burr said it’s not something he sees fluently. “Things get very complicated as soon as you start putting money into the equation,” he says. “People are quicker to snap and hate when you put money into a conversation.”

Troll queue.

Since the announcement of the Rave Family Festival, their Discord Channel – a frequent chat room app by the gaming community – has been flooded with trolls, notorious for spamming with such nationally derogatory language, pale images and white racist content. It became so dense that three members of the Rev family worked full time to delete posts and ban accounts that took valuable time away from work in terms of game development and artist relationships. Despite their efforts, the trolls were involved in flooding the main channel until the first day of the festival, making it impossible to deliver any important information to real game players.

According to McGuire, the channel from which most of these trolls came from was related to Didmau 5, a popular Canadian electronic music-producer whose label, Mou5 Trap, was a stage at the festival. McGuire claimed that he had contacted a label representative several times to warn about the trolls, but the representative denied that the trolls were associated with Deadmau5. The artist himself contacted McGuire directly on the General Discord channel, criticizing the festival and insisting that McGuire made 000 30,000 from it.

“I will fully own what I did wrong: we didn’t have enough staff, we didn’t have enough instructional videos, we failed in that case and a lot of material was not ready because of other content we should have had like trolling and mixcloud issues. No, I was spending time like that, “says McGuire. “Yes, we’ve fixed it up, but we’re still working on it [DeadMau5’s] We don’t have the resources to do what we have to do and the channel has a lot of reasons for that [him] So resolved to come here and start criticizing us.

A representative of Didemou5 and Mou5 Trap contacted Variety: “As we have repeatedly explained to McGuire before and he seems to have acknowledged in his own statement, Deadmou5 or Mou5 Trap is not part of it at all and with its cancellation none of it There was no relationship. Festival. McGuire is trying to blame him for his decision [postpone] And the failure of the festival on this channel and somehow it connects with Deadmau 5. The channel, however, is created and operated by someone who is not affiliated with Deadmau 5 or Mau5 Trap. Again we made it clear to McGuire at least early last month. In fact, Joel Zimmerman (who is Deadmau 5) and McGuire didn’t even communicate until July 11th, i.e.. Later There was celebration [postponed]. “

The old man also had to deal with trolls during the Minecraft Festival of Disciples, but there were fewer problems because the number of trolls was the scale of the event and the artists adjusted it to the game.

“It can grow very fast but with our fans and our community it’s less than other people,” he says. “I think as a brand, your fans will take the attitude of the culture you create. So for example, I’m not surprised that Deadmau 5 fans behaved like that. Nothing unlike Deadmau5, I think he’s great but the culture within his fanbase is his reflection[Personalityfromtimetotime”[at-timescombativepersonality”[সময়ে-সময়েসম্মিলিতব্যক্তিত্ব”[at-timescombativepersonality”

With minimal music, conversion problems, and trolls causing a backlash among attendees and frustrating the game experience, McGuire and his team decided to postpone the festival by promising to return the ticket holders within these 48 hours.

Speaking of the future of the Rave Family Block Fest, McGuire hired another key developer who is making progress on the transition and taking the time to reflect on what went wrong.

“Everyone will look at it and say we’ve taken too much, and it’s absolutely true. “Artists should have started saying ‘no’ long before we’ve finished the work of a huge number of artists,” McGuire said. “I didn’t mean to say no, so we said, ‘OK, let’s do this.’ We made 75 steps and we did it all, but the volume that came with it was too much to handle. “

The old man agrees that, from his experience, starting small is the key.

“Like anything, if you dream of making something big, you start small, you do it really well and then you grow it and you keep getting bigger.” “You can’t log in directly and do something huge like this directly because it’s going to be wrong.”

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