March 20, 2023


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Rapper 6ix9ine drops new songs and videos, ‘Yaya’ (see) – variety

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Controversial-trolling rapper ixX9 Wine dropped the third single and video since he was released from prison due to coron virus concern. Like the first two, “Guba” and “Trolls” it was filmed and recorded in a non-social-distance lockdown, it has lots of booty and bright colors and for whatever reason, milk.

Spread and sung entirely in Spanish, the lyric upload can be found at:

“Una nena ashi amar hakia falta / kui matiera mai mano por su falda / se v cui no ss santa / s como yo kui le gusta la maldad,” he reps, which translates into English, “I needed a girl like me.” / My hand on her skirt / Kokano / It’s clear she’s not a saint / Like me, she tasted bad. “

The three songs released after the rapper’s release are musically very different from each other, in the relatively loose grooves of the hard-hitting “Guba” and “Trolls”, which feature Nicki Minaj.

The rapper’s release from his first year in prison was technically due to cornevirus concerns, but it involved a deal with federal law enforcement officials where the 23-year-old (real name Daniel Hernandez) pleaded guilty to turning gang members around. Nine federal crimes, including kidnapping conspiracy, firearms charges and drug trafficking

Since his release from house arrest, he has launched multiple attention-grabbing social media campaigns ranging from trolling other rappers like MacMill to a chart conspiracy to claim that Billboard unfairly promoted Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber’s single “Stuck With You.” The number one above her “guba” deprives her of being unmarried. This claim was banned in most cases through publication.

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