April 2, 2023


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‘Real Genius’ and ‘In Wonderland’ – Valer Killer’s light and dark side, variety

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Well Killer has a moment, thanks to Tafi Brodesar-Akner for everything that happened…? His portrait in The New York Times Magazine, which was prepared for publication in his memoir “Ism Your Huckleberry”. It’s one of those ugly virulent profiles that measures a movie star who slips through cracks and parodies himself, sometimes driven by an engine of self-destructive behavior. Yet Kilmar’s story is singular. In his last days, he looked like a brain-sun god and was a tough-cast, latent genius who never fit perfectly and moved away from Hollywood. In the Times profile, Kilmer is occupied by a flying monocentric and a Christian scientist. Acting has been the first donor and. A throat-cancer victim who has lost his voice and now speaks in a whisper. Cockade is optimistic and survives. And legends?

The strangest thing about Kilmer as an actor was even in the ’80s and’ 90s, when he gave performances in which everyone still spoke “at the two doors” to his top iceman “Top Song”, his space monster flower baby Jim Morrison. In his tombstone Southern Rotor Doc Holiday in “Tombstone”), he finds a satirical sensibility that makes his acting a note of the invisible grace note of isolation. The movies he starred in were often flawed (“The Doors” movie has a concert sequence but is deeper imprinted as a portrait of Morrison) and when he hit the A-list status he was stuck in the early version of the franchise hell by; no living actor. ” The Saint, “” Batman Forever “or” Dr. Moreau on the Island ” . Kilamara was the paradox, in which the actor played the sentiment seems to not believe.

On occasion, though, he did. In response to this Kilmar moment, I went back and saw two of his performances that struck me the most when I first saw him. If you want to turn on your own value, always look for small roles in “Tombstone”, or “Door”, or “True Romance” and “Hit”. But if you want to connect with Val Kilmer’s Yin and Young, I recommend you check out the “Real Genius” comedy from 1985 that really turned him into a star (although yes, I love him on ZAZ’s “Top Secret!” !), And “Wonderland”, the 2003 porn star he played as John Holmes – and guess what, it’s his single biggest single. ় may be.

Hip / Cult / Cool (“A Crazy Summer,” “Heather’s) Pantheon (” The Breakfast Club, “” Fast Times at Regiment High, “” Say Something … “) has 80s teen comedy levels. He ”) is better than you (no-but-better than you are) (” The Revenge of the Neards, “” Some Sort of Surprise “)) is now nostalgia (” Footloose, “” Adventures in Babysitting “). Which has now been approved as the X-Class classic The “real genius” can be placed in any of these categories. It’s played in the senior year of Pacific Tech (a knockoff of CalTech) as science wizard Chris Knight, and so on. There are moments when heath-laser channeling his lightning-fast but spectacularly non-channel distribution Kerry advises Grant.

Directed by Martha Coolidge (“Valley Girl”) with the help of Bubblegum Verve, “Real Genius” must have had a hipster quotient, as it was before the geek-chick curve. Computer-type movies started popping up, but no one had any idea they might cool down one day. The “real genius” knows it. It’s a movie that wanted to be a “weird science,” yet it’s made up of equal parts of intelligence and cheese, one of the big-bet’s 60s synth-pop scores of the 60’s and a villain who says things like “You’re a worker – you” again. It’s supposed to be hard work! “The genius of Chris and his classmates is inventing a laser weapon. Their professor (William Atherton) promises to deliver it to the CIA, and the laser can jump anyone from a deep place, it seems like the invention of” Flash Gordon. “

Wordplay is something different. Chris became a mentor to 15-year-old Preggie, Gabriel Jarrett starred in a sort of high school sophomore yearbook walk, and how he trained the child with the right disposable brain. It means learning at the party, but most of it means building the right irrational attitude of Sinkil Bravodo. Killer in the film glorifies a shaking beast in slippers like an elf jockey who lives in a cloud of excellence, “You wanted to see me, your jogging-ness?” Brings the perfect note of fake seriousness in a line like this? And “I was thinking of the immortal words of Socrates, who said,‘ What have I drunk? ’” The whole performance is a loop of spinning jokes that were initially embodied, Killer’s disbelief about stardom.

In “Real Genius” we see Kilmar cut up and often spread his wicked cheeks by driving his best work. But if you want to see Kilmer as a drop-dead serious actor who can do his soul work in his acting (it didn’t happen too much), you should definitely check out a drama “Wonderland” set at the crossroads of porn and sleaze and drugs and murder. The director, James Cox, took a deep dive into L.A. Snake’s Pit, and “Wonderland”, the deadly and tragic evil-thinking, is a spectacular film – an incomplete, mesmerizing thriller that never strays from the truth. It’s just a warning to you. Take advantage: this is one of the darkest movies ever made.

It happened several days back in July 1981, when John Holmes, the skinny, exciting, bare-eyed porn stud who became a legend for doing everything … well, Volume (The length of his penis; the amount of movies he spreads – he said anywhere from 500 to a thousand), has been a hit on skids for over a decade, he’s seen it in any porn movie so far, but when he met his girlfriend Don (Kate Bosworth) ) Speaking sweetly, we see Holmes fall from the bottom of the adult-film industry. He’s a freebie addict, a scurvy hostler, and a thief who hangs out with a crew of scuba bucket junkie gun-nut coke merchants outside Lauren Canyon’s Wonderland Avenue apartment. One, the tattooed biker, starring Dylan McDermott, and his surprisingly authentic acting – the man we see under the hard ass trapping – set the tone for a film that understands the human side of psychoanalysis.

Kilmer, his face framed with shiny brown curls and with a smiling smile like a flawed neon sign, plays Holmes as a cocked up hanger-on, always trying to talk to someone. She is captivating – her charm is just a thread of personality that is tangled with lies and deceptions. Even though Holmes is his most desperate and sincere, he’s doing a number on you. In “Wonderland” we see a great actor in the role of a dead-zone porn actor whose frontier personality makes him more of an actor than anyone in the neighborhood.

Holmes is Eddie Nash, L.A. of the drug business. Nightclub Kingpin, played by Eric Bogosian with dense-humorous rage, so John was caught in the middle when Holmes’ cronies broke Nash’s head and brought in a reckless plot to carry out an armed robbery. He was given no choice but to set up Nash, yet the plan failed. The murders in Wonderland were revenge killings so brutal they carried the echo of Manson and the arrest of Holmes added a terrifying level of mystery. How was he associated with them? “Wonderland”, built on a series of police interrogations, is near and far from what happened, and when Cox is questioned at night, there’s a rare moment when a movie drama comes down to hell. Holmes has made extra lives and now we can see what the end point of living without any limits is. Yet its strength is that Kilmer portrayed Holmes innocently as a sinner. He sells himself to the dark without any idea how far you can go.

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