October 25, 2021


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‘Reba’ at 20: Still a Survivor, inspires a TikTok trend

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Its roots were planted in the past. Although her life was changing rapidly, she wanted to be who she was. Twenty years ago, the now dormant WB Network launched a family sitcom starring Country Music Icon and American Treasure Reba McIntyre. In the multicamera sitcom, aptly titled “Reba”, McIntyre plays Reba Hart, a recently divorced man who now has to deal with a single mother who has worked hard – but who also loves her children and never stops.

Of course, outside of the financial struggles of being a single mother (when the father was earning), this new normality made it even harder for Reber that her eldest child, popular high school cheerleader Sheen (Joanna Garcia Swisser), her hemo boyfriend, Star High School football player Was conceived by Van (Steve Howe). On the pilot, Van is evicted from his home for this and moved with Hearts, including Sardonic middle child Kyra (Scarlett Pomers) and younger brother Jake (Mitch Hallman). Reba also has to go through this process and fight the fact that soon her ex-husband Brock (Christopher Rich) officially conceived her new, younger girlfriend উচ্চ the loud, neglected Barbara Jean (Melissa Peterman).

From the moment the series opens on therapy together with the whole Hart family, failing miserably to say they are not a messy family, it was clear what the audience was going to get out of Reba’s character: practical motherhood in a family going beyond the control of an All-American, middle-class family. Like the theme song of the series (Mac Entire sang in all its iterations), Reba was a survivor.

When “Reba” premiered in October 2001, it was an integral part of WB’s efforts to make a comedy on Friday night’s family line-up. In the previous TV season, WB’s Friday nights were short-lived, instantly the first season of the single-camera comedy “Gross Point” and “Popular”, the first season of “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” to be canceled after ABC. With an established series and a new series with an established star, the 2001-2002 WB season was “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” (for its sixth and final season), “Maybe It’s Me” (a one-season single-camera family sitcom), “Reba” and “Rising Dad” (one season multicamera sitcom starring Bob Sagett and Kat Dennings). Over the course of its 11 years, WB’s sitcom offers (once it removed its brand from the networks of “The Jamie Foxx Show,” “The Steve Harvey Show” and “The Wayne Brothers”) specifically linked to Target Demographic in the Neonatal Network. But both commercially and even critically, “Reba” was an undeniable hit.

Looking back at “Reba,” the first season of the series was actually particularly devastating, from teenage pregnancy to hypocrisy and the double standard of the Bible belt – in a format that, for all intents and purposes, should have been more Norman Rockwell than Jerry Springer. Hearts was a “perfect,” all-American, middle-class family, but from the moment this series began, the reality of this kind of idea was consistently low. Only in a humorous way that, looking back, honestly made the series a “rosary” of the “WB generation”.

And it’s worth noting that (and why) WB’s “Reba” has been successful where ABC’s next one-season McIntyre-led series “Malibu Country” (2012-2013), which had a similarly substantial foundation, didn’t. The basis of “Reba” came only from the earthquake-made earthquake stability created by the pilot, which was the new normal for the Hart family. It was a fun way to deal with real world issues that WB listeners clearly saw. On the other hand, “Malibu Country,” – a series about McIntyre as the recently divorced wife of a music star, who used the divorce settlement to move to Malibu with her children and start her own country music career – in a way that could not engage the audience. The whole fish outside, although “Malibu Country” could play a character with a gentle hand and a warrior’s heart to Mac Entire, it didn’t have a heart at all. “Reba,” like most of WB’s offers at the time (even short-term), was defined by her heart.

From Reber’s struggles to his and his family’s head-watering relationship to the simple Van and Cheyenne relationship, Reber’s reluctant friendship with Barbara Jean (a relationship that became the show’s unexpected center), these bits were connected because of how real they were, in the broader comedy. .

Despite consistently being the highest-rated series in WB’s Friday night line-up এমনকি even losing to UPN and Fox প্রতিযোগ when WB and UPN came together to form the CW in 2006, Reba almost couldn’t cut it. Les Munves was originally opposed to the show’s decision to renew, as “Reba” did not fit the brand or did not have a demographic appeal for early CWs (who also lacked hearts). Eventually, though, the series was picked for the sixth season of the 13-episode episode of The CW, and “Reba” was easily the most-watched sitcom এবং and often the final season aired on the program দ The CW.

Two decades later, “Reba” is fondly remembered, as it streams to Syndication Home and Hulu on networks like Lifetime and Hallmark. Just this summer, the series’ theme song “I’m a Survivor” led to the Tiktok trend, where Mac Entire even participated. On social media, nostalgia reigns supreme, and in this particular case, the WB generation often questions why they were so attached to a series about middle-aged, divorced, unmarried mothers when they were the complete opposite. It’s pretty simple: Reba is a survivor.

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