March 21, 2023


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‘Red Rose Crew’ Movie Adaptation Set at Sports Illustrated Studios – Variety

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Newly Minted Sports Illustrated Studios launches women’s first-line story with “The Red Rose Crew: The True Story of the Windies, Win and the Water of the Rose Crew”

David Glaser’s 101 studios will adapt, produce, finance, and distribute a film on Daniel J. Boyne’s biography, focusing on the formation of the United States Rowing Team to participate in the 1975 World Championships. The team, led by legendary Harvard men’s crew coach Harry Parker, included soft-spoken MIT professor Gayle Pearson, lead rover Carrie Graves and teenage Coxbawan Lynn Stillman.

“Red Rose Crew” will be executive produced by Ellen Goldsmith-Wayne and Linde Williams from the Gotham Group, and Alexis Ostrander and Joe Kent from A to Z Productions. Ostrander (“Haircut,” “Defined Beauty: Mrs. Wheelchair America”) will direct the film, and the story will be adapted by Laura Hansen.

Sports Illustrated Studios launched May 101 as a joint venture between Studio and Authentic Brands Group May 5 launched partners said they were creating a two-hour section documentary “cover” based on Sports Illustrated Top Cover Story.

“We’re thrilled to be able to tell this story,” said David Glasser, CEO of Studio 101. “We chose this film as the inaugural release of Sports Illustrated Studios because at Sports Illustrated Studios we are proud to present the most fascinating sports stories in history in a way that has never been seen before, and this is a significant part of our mission. With many unfamiliar, and not moving movies We are a group of worldwide cinema audience with Mr. rmatadera ten ta them and look forward to seeing the determination of Mr. determination ়

Ostrander is a Warner Bros. emerging film director and alumnus of the TV Directors Workshop, and has directed episodes of “Supergirl”, “American Horror Story,” and “Servant.” She received a Daytime Emmy Award nomination for directing the pilot episode of “A Feather as Light” in Hulu.

“I’m delighted to be working with 101 studios and I have a partner who is championing this national empowerment story,” Ostrander said. “I am drawn to the undisputed heroes of this team and how their struggles and victories are still alive today. Their comedy, perseverance and unwavering faith inspire them and I can’t wait for them to fall in love with the world. “

Shepard Mullen’s Leaf Servants de Reinstein negotiated the deal with George Davis on behalf of the Gotham Group on behalf of Studio 101, and LAP on behalf of CAA, Goodman, Zeno, Schenkman, Slamkinson & Christopher, LLP Alexis Ostander and Joey Kent.

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