March 20, 2023


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Reinvent Powers Up Horror Film Slate, ‘Project Z – Unveils Teaser for Diversity

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Reinvent Kane’s Virtual March: The duo will feature a pair of stylish horror films, Henrik Dalsbakken’s “Project Z”, featured in the teaser, and Tord Danielson’s “The Side”.

Produced by Filmbros, “Project Z” follows a group of film students who bring three unemployed actors to make a zombie movie at a closed motel in the mountains of Norway. Suddenly their fiction turns into reality, when an unknown animal begins to terrorize the set of the film.

“Project Z” will be introduced to buyers for the first time in the ear market through Regent. SF Studios will release the movie in Scandinavia.

“Horror films are hotter internationally than ever before and we can’t wait to bring both‘ Project Z ’and‘ The Upper Side ’to market during Cannes this week,” said Rickney Ennis, former CEO of Trentordsk. .

“There’s no doubt that‘ Project Z ’is a zombie movie that’s different than people have seen before,” added Ennis, who is part of the Virtual Ear market with Helen Aurore, Sales and Marketing Director of Reinvent.

There was a high demand for generic films in the auxiliary market and flow services during the health crisis because theaters were closed and only now are slowly being reopened worldwide.

In Cannes’ virtual market, Renvent is also selling “The Side”, which Non-Stop Entertainment will publish in Scandinavia.

“The Ad Side” centers on Shirin, who is new to the role of Stepmom and continues to be paired with his partner Frederick and his son Lucas. The new home seems to be the right place to start becoming a family. But when Frederick left for work, on the other hand, strange things were heard from the crowd. The ‘The Other Side’ teaser will be available upon request.

Reinvent All Christian Madsen’s “The Day We Weed Day,” paired with the horror movie, will host a market screening for a film about the events surrounding the terrorist attacks in Copenhagen in February 2015. Walda, Jacob Offtebro and Sonja Richter.

Reinvent is also selling Charlotte Ceiling’s epic drama “Margaret – North Queen”, as well as a female-led crime thriller set in the Arctic wilderness, produced by Arn Berggren and Kristin Berg, notably “Outlaw”, as well as “PCmaker” and “Sex” in both USA. Picked up by topic

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