September 23, 2021


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Review of ‘MTV VMAs’: Lil Nas X, Doja Cat, Chloe Enliven a Return to Live

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All in all, the 2021 MTV VMAs represented a big comeback from the all-time low point of last year’s show, which was pre-recorded without viewers due to the epidemic situation, yet everyone involved was strangely trying to pretend that the show was being broadcast live, Canned Complete with laughter and applause. This year, it came back to “You Got Live If You Want It” and sometimes the show was even livelier and live, although we won’t remember the one-twenty until we remember the iconic moments of decades ago that were intelligently mentioned when passing. If Doza the cat was wearing a chair over her head then we were going to go to Britney after the snake on her neck, maybe we were hungry enough for real-time disrespect at an awards show.

Apparently there were some moments that reminded the spinners of kissing Madonna that day, if they rarely registered in 2021 as shocking. “Industry Baby” with Jack Harlow is considered really provocative. Ever since she appeared on stage in a pink dress as Drum Major, it seemed inevitable that there would be at least two layers of tear-away costumes and we and her equally buff buff dancers would be in pink briefs before we knew it. Lest there be only male homosexuality at night, Norman had his own moment at the end of a otherwise fairly rough “Wild Side” routine when Teyana Taylor was wheeled out, tied in a crucifix-style, and the singer sat her down perfectly. That would not have happened so many years ago These An unpublished, pre-show quarrel between machine gun Kelly and presenter Connor McGregor would have been the main moments of the nine-water-cool-talk. Was it a sign of how far we’ve come, or how low, that the friends fighting was making people’s interest more than crushing the wicked on Sunday night?

It was not a night of extreme social consciousness. Justin Bieber is the only person on the three-hour show to have killed more than 20,000,000 Americans since the last Live Video Music Awards, a special that has a very specific design for being post-epidemic, whether we still have it or not. But some quick moments of restraint devastated the party. Billy Ilish (a non-performer) received his award for Best Socially Aware Video for “Your Strength” and without using any words as a clich as “toxic masculinity” said that the song was written about older men taking advantage of girls “so satisfying” And free, and really [bleeped] Sadly I want to say that our young women must be protected at all costs. True. “And there was a more serious message in the performance of Lil Nass X, which was initially clear, although a footnote was needed to address it. GLAAD released a press release stating that Mardrecus Harris of the Southern AIDS Coalition, wearing the number 433,816” Industry Baby “- One of the participants on its stage, “represents the universal color of awareness and support for HIV and the people living with HIV in the South in 2015. “

The 2021 VMAs could use a few more signals towards serious crises in the world that are making their target demo so anxious about their future. Yet it was hard to deny that the show was sometimes at its best when it was the hardest-and that old-school MTV also yearned for humor. For better or worse, there was no attempt at scripted comedy, so there was no laughter in the accepted speeches. Lil Nass X, not the first or last time in his young career, may have a nightly punchline: “First, I want to thank the gay agenda. Come on, gay agenda!” When I was in the industry, people weren’t ready for the fun of all these black boys. ” Would like to thank for [his winning video] When I called them the day before their release, I said, ‘I hate it. Don’t take it out.

The host of the show, Doza Kat, made a sarcastic attempt to deliver the most serious and beautiful performance of the night. And Its the genius non-musical moment. “I look like an insect. It’s dope. I never thought I would dress up like a worm when I received the award, ”he said, accepting an associate award with SZA (who thought his own clothing item was running, clinging to his chest on the podium, probably worried about an error). . Next, she wore the headdress of that chair, which was strong enough that she was able to take a seat in it while she happily waited for the next admissibility statement. (Perhaps this dress was part of the meaning of the doza cat when promised Diversity At the beginning of the week that his VMAs hosting stunt will be “Krinz”. As he explained in the telecast: “We need to chair-ish right now.”) Yet he tried to bring a very different melody to the middle of his “Bean Like This” and “You Wright” first in the middle of a huge ring light floating on the wire, then More dancers are taking to the stage to interact with the two dancers in a modern dance routine, he said, inspired by the choreographic work of FKA Twigs. Doza Kat was seen covering “Yuri the One That I Want” from “Greece” in a Pepsi ad, further confirming that she won an unofficial award for the widest one night.

Many of the actors on the Sunday night show gave us exactly what we expected from them, even if it involved something that seemed like a change of pace a few years ago – e.g. Finished her set, or Camilla Cabello used the Latin undercurrents of her music to create a flamenco scenario. For a serious level of momentary rethinking, we had to look at Chloe-half the fame of Chloe Hall-to re-arrange herself, in her new single disguise, as Beyonc. At least there was a serious level of “Marty Corse” in the TV debut, with the word “booty … so … big” flashing on the back screen to underscore the aristocracy. Showing her support, Haley introduces her partner and congratulates her on finding “her voice,” which may seem like it wasn’t really her destiny to contribute more to the duo than she did before.

Some of the choices to perform were more intriguing, or more obvious. Bieber – who has been mentioned before, should be praised for at least mentioning Kovid – his entire opening performance (joining Kid Laroi) from the camera after a haughty hoodie. Later, for his acceptable speech, he wore a formal brown jacket over the hoodie, but kept his head covered long enough, to reassure us that it really was him. Perhaps, for the sake of “ghost”, its objective was to keep the real features out of sight? Shawn Mendes and Ed Sheeran presented their most sincere views for “Summer of Love” and “Shivers”, respectively – not that Mendes could ever do anything different, but Sheeran could welcome the opportunity to remind fans that he is a lover, Not the vampire devil, after his characterless “bad habits” video. Rodrigo’s hit “Good 4 You” finally made its live TV debut, and it was effective enough, although the dancers around him choreographed so frantically, it wasn’t easy to catch them for a long time to tell if they were supposed to represent the high level. School or some other idea.

Casey Musgravs made his VMA debut with the title song of the newly released “Star-Crossed”, which you wouldn’t call a slow burner, because the melody only lasts more than three minutes and the chorus is rolled through only once. But even then the burning incident was involved, because a heart was burning behind him. It was nice to see MTV take the opportunity to program more reflective songs on the show – although the benefits may not fully explain it, as a commercial tells us that a Musgraves movie is currently being aired exclusively on parent company Viacom’s Paramount Plus service. The MIA on the show was something similar (and great) from Taylor Swift and Elish’s recent albums, though it wasn’t for lack of asking the two.

Towards the end of the show, Busta Rhymes and Alicia Keys stood for mutual representation of New York City, but at the same time relaxed and for the command of the stage. Her motormouth-ines and her melisma remind us that we don’t always get something new, from young artists: the feeling of being so regal or queen, not having to try too hard.

Among the many dazzling appearances of mega-stars on the show যেমন such as Maria Carrey and Kanye West’s supposed twist that turned out to be false কেবল not only did Madonna perform, but a dominatrix-style outfit came out on top of the broadcast. Drawing a parallel picture between his arrival in New York and the discovery of MTV a few years later, he declared: “They said we would not survive, but we are still here, Mother.[bleep]Ers. “Why did he come to take such an early turn? After a while, the answer became clear, as a commercially released Madonna is coming to a Paramount Plus concert special next month.

Booking at the other end of the show was Machine Gun Kelly, who doesn’t have the Paramount Plus show on the way but who graduated from this special headliner that was in its three-hour air. He was supposed to do a mid-show, and when he was suddenly taken off the stage just before his number started, fans angrily took to social media, angrily blaming MTV for punishing him for the McGregor scuffle. In fact, the growing focus on near-combat could help bring him back to a more prominent show-closing spot … or maybe it was just a technical issue that pushed him to the end. When machine gun Kelly finally showed up at the last minute, he was half-buried in a graveyard where he soon jumped out, as if he were picking up his chosen new genre, the rock ‘n’ roll from the dead. This means that, for once, Dave Grohl’s Foo Fighters was at an awards show and it didn’t have the only token rock act. He ended up playing a perfectly good guitar, proving that the Phoebe Bridgers didn’t put on the final hat of the show in the end. I saw the future of the rock ‘n’ roll, and its name was Machinegun Kelly, a man who hid his rock inside a hip-hop Trojan horse and entered the door, to fool everyone about his real Scrimo purpose. It’s a fitting thought for a climax: that, in the end, despite the best efforts to bury everyone (including its own practitioners), rock with cockroaches will still remain … and MTV will broadcast a 24/7 reality show.

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