October 25, 2021


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Richard E. Grant’s ‘Everyone is talking about Jamie’

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For more than four decades of acting, Richard E. Grant never dragged on until he starred in the new feature “Everybody’s Talking About Jamie”. Grant plays Loco Chanel, a mentor to young Jamie (Max Harwood), a 16-year-old who dreams of becoming a drug queen.

But what exactly is Richard E. Grant’s drag look? “It was hard to hit the right note,” said Nadia Stacey, the film’s hair and makeup designer. “His drag was supposed to be the old-school British Working Men’s Club drag, and is not seen as ‘Rupel’s drag race’ and modern.”

Once he nailed it, the transformation took 90 minutes, during which cheetah-print nails were applied and eyebrows glued down. His wig was “sprayed with starch so it wouldn’t move,” he notes.

For the first time Stacey and makeup artist Guy Common Grant put the look together, the actor was away from the mirror. “We didn’t let him see it, and when he saw himself for the first time, [the reaction] Was brilliant, ”Stacey said.

For Harvard’s transformation, Stacey Mac turned into cosmetics, which she recently used for another makeup-heavy film, Disney’s “Cruella.” “The Mac is such an accessible product. I believed a boy from Sheffield could hold it,” she said of her decision to rely on her bold and vibrant colors. Represented, Stacey explained – anyone has seen the Instagram video and the “silver drag race”.

Based on a true story, “Everybody’s Talking About Jamie” was a West End musical before adapting to the movie. Jamie had platinum blonde hair on stage, and Stacey wanted to keep it that way as viewers were familiar with the look. But that means bleaching Harwood’s brunette lock throughout the shooting. “The biggest challenge was not to break her hair,” she says.

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