September 22, 2021


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Robert Lopez, Kristen Anderson-Lopez win first Emmy with ‘Wandavision’

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Oscar-winning songwriters Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez won their first Emmy Sunday night for the popular “Agatha All Along” song from Marvel Studios and Disney Plus’ limited series “Wandavision.”

Colleagues, whose accomplishments include Disney’s “Frozen” and “Coco” movies, have won Emmy’s Music and Song category, “The Queen’s Gumbit”, “The Boys,” “Joey’s Awesome Playlist,” “Bow Burnham: Inside” and “Our Lives.” Soundtrack. “

“Agatha All Along” appeared on the iTunes soundtrack chart in the “last episode” of the series after being shot at number one, which explains the role played by the misguided magician Agatha Harkness (Katherine Hann) in unraveling the mystery of Westview City.

Anderson-Lopez, while accepting the award, said that she and her husband had not been in Los Angeles for 21 months and that “under normal circumstances every return should bring a big party and a shiny statue.” He called the “Wandavision” track “a dream come true for us.”

The couple had previously been twice Emmy-nominated for “The Oscar” and “The Comedians” in 2015; Lopez was previously nominated for a song from “Scrubs” in 2007. Lopez’s two daytime Emmy helped her get EGOT status in 2014; Anderson-Lopez still needs a ton to claim EGOT status.

Among other musical honors from the Television Academy: Ludwig Garanson won the second Emmy in a row to score “The Mandalarian”. This year’s Emmy was in the final episode of the second season, where The Child aka Grugu was rescued and handed over to Luke Skywalker. Garrison won the 2019 Oscar for his music for “Black Panther,” which coincidentally was supposed to be a live-to-picture when the Los Angeles Philharmonic announced Emmy at the Hollywood Bowl.

Carlos Rafael Rivera also won his second Emmy. This time he took the trophy for a limited series, movie or special composition (original dramatic score) for Netflix and Scott Frank’s “The Queen’s Gambit”. He had previously won the main title theme music for the same streamer and show-runner’s limited series “Godless” in 2018.

For the Miami-based composer, the Emmy win is the latest in a series of awards for “The Queen’s Gambit” তিনিhe has already received acclaimed, acclaimed awards from the Society of Composers and Lyricists, Goldspirit, International Film Music Critics, and Hollywood Music Media.

Blake Neely won his first Emmy for his clever, all-percussion original title theme music for HBO Max’s “The Flight Attendant.” Previously nominated for shows like “Everwood” and “The Pacific”, she is a veteran television composer who currently writes most of the music for The CW superhero shows, including “Supergirl” and “The Flash”.

Comedian Bo Burnham was a staggering winner in the music management category, beating Billy Ilish and David Byrne with Biden’s debut and “Joy’s Awesome Playlist”. Burnham wrote and sang 20 original songs for Netflix on his “Bow Burnham: Inside” epidemic show, effectively acting as his own “music director.”

The Music Supervision Award went to Ciara Elwis and Matt Biffa for their work on “I May Destroy You”. Nominated for the first time, the two chose songs to portray the fantasy of Arbela (Michael Coyle) in the finale of the HBO series.

Earlier in the afternoon, British composer Steven Price won his first Emmy in a documentary series or special music for Netflix’s “David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet”. Prior to the Oscar winner (“Gravity”), another Attenborough nature documentary, Emmy-nominated for 2019’s “Our Planet” (twice for major title themes and documentaries or special dramatic scores).

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