April 2, 2023


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Robert Pattinson speaks of ‘Tenet,’ ‘The Batman,’ Self-Detachment – Variety

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Robert Pattinson has been one of his high-profile year-olds since the day he starred in his “High Title” franchise, after starring in a series of critical favorites such as “High Life,” “Good Time,” and “Light House.” The cast in Christopher Nolan’s upcoming film “Tenet” was still set for a July release date and Matt Reeves was in the shooting for the upcoming re-boot “The Batman” until the carnovirus epidemic forced production to close in March. Now self-detached from an apartment in London, Pattinson recently gave some details for the upcoming two projects on GQ’s profile.

“[‘Tenet’ is] So insane, “said Pattinson,” how hundreds of crews would fly together from one country to another during the shooting. “Each country has a great set-piece scene, the final size of a typical film. In every single country.” What he was able to do was “there is no time to travel” in the movie.

Pattinson also addressed the possibility of playing Batman after working with Nolan, whose hugely successful “The Dark Knight” trilogy brought the property back to cinematic relevance. The actor discussed how to be attracted to the unique challenge of this project

Pattinson said, “I like the fact that not only was there a very, very, very beautiful version of the character that seemed quite defined, but I thought the character had multiple defined performances,” Pattinson said. “You’ve seen this kind of light version, you’ve seen one kind of jade version, another kind of animal version. And its puzzle is satisfied enough, to think: Where is my opening? … Also, it’s part of a legacy, isn’t it? I like it. There are a few things in life that people take care of before they happen. You can almost feel this pushback of anticipation, and so it kind of gives you some energy. It’s different when you’re doing a part and there’s a chance that no one will even see it. Right? Somehow it, I don’t know … it makes you a kind of spice. “

Pattinson went on to discuss his work over the past decade, how he gained fame, and his current living situation in the context of social distance and asylum regulations.

“I’m basically planning a meal for Batman. Thank God,” said Pattinson. “I don’t know what to do without me.” “I can live. I will have oatmeal in it like vanilla protein powder. And I’ll just mix it up. It’s incredibly simple. Like, I eat out cans and stuff. I would literally put Tabasco inside the tuna can and just eat it outside the can. “

The actor also discussed the difficulties of finding the motivation to retain his workout regiment for “The Batman” in the current situation and noted that he was ignoring the trainer that Warner Bros. had hired for him. “I think if [other actors are] Working all the time, [they’re] Part of the problem. You set an example. No one was doing it in the 70s. Even James Dean – he just didn’t burst, “he said.” Literally, I’m just doing something. “

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