October 25, 2021


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‘Rocky IV’ director’s cut Ext0 Minutes is coming to extra theaters

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In 1985, a plaque underdog from the “City of Brotherly Love” helped reduce the Cold War tensions with his indomitable victory over the Soviet slugger and his emotional reminder that “everyone can change”. That ringside speech, of course, was the dramatic consequence of “Rocky IV,” one of the biggest hits of that year and an important element of Sylvester Stallone Cannon. Victory from behind, the dramatic montage, and that stirring theme music, courtesy of Bill Conti সমস্ত everything that made voting so great. But fans of the Rocky story might be forgiven for wondering, what’s left on the cutting room floor?

Well, no wonder. “Rocky V. Directed and starring Stallone, the film will be available in theaters on November 11 for one night only. MGM will meet with the Fathom event for nationwide screenings, which will also include a Q&A with Stallone, will be broadcast in certain locations, as well as look at behind-the-scenes filmmaking.

Here’s the official studio pitch: “The fight scenes are more intense, the music is stronger and the drama is stronger as world heavyweight champion Rocky Balboa (Stallone) has to defend his title again, this time against his strongest opponent: Evan Drago (Dolph Lundgren).

For those who are otherwise busy on the 11th, “Rocky V. Drago: The Ultimate Directors Cut” will be available on demand from Friday, November 12th.

In addition to Lundgren, the film also stars Brigitte Nielsen, Bert Young, Carl Weathers, Michael Pataki, Robert Durnick, Stu Nahan, Talia Shire and Tony Burton. It also features a run by the famous Mikhail Gorbachev disguised David Lloyd Austin.

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