October 25, 2021


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Ryan Cadro has been nominated as the Chief Content Officer of The Account

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One of the big media players is keen to win the growing battle to provide streaming news to consumers, but John Hellman has a message for them: don’t count small competitors.

Hailman’s “The Recount”, a media outlet founded in 2019 with entrepreneur John Battle, is hiring its first chief content officer to gain new traction with streaming-news aficionados interested in smart analysis in critical news departments such as politics and sports. Ryan Cadro, former executive producer of “CBS This Morning” and, most recently, head of news programming for the short-form video service QB, is overseeing and overseeing the daily editorial production of “The Recount”. , ”Which includes programming by Hellman, Jennifer Palmyeri and Reena Ninan.

“Ryan has a unique experience,” Hailman said in a recent interview, with a history of traditional theatrical TV news and a recent entrepreneurial venture with Quibi. He hopes Cadro will oversee a “counting” effort to take podcasts and videos to streaming venues for social media consumers.

“We knew that when we came to the end of the 2020 cycle, we wanted to expand. We wanted to do more, “said Haleman, a veteran political analyst known for his presence in the campaign book” Game Change “as well as in the showtime’s” The Circus. ” We will include streaming from social. “

“The Count” has taken its step because all the major providers of video news are putting new emphasis on streaming. WarnerMedia’s CNN has announced plans to launch a new subscription-video rival for its flagship cable service in 2022. Fox News Media has expanded its Fox Nation service beyond the realm of news and politics, adding documentary programs, true crime serials and even Clint Eastwood movies. Former CBS News president Susan Zirinsky has launched a new production studio to work on the Paramount Plus section. And ABC News has put new emphasis on streaming and project creation for Disney’s Hulu in recent months.

Small operations are also entering the gear. Newzi, an over-the-top news service of EW Scripps Co., launched on Monday, where staff at 1 news bureaus in the United States provide 17 hours of daily news.

And yet, Hellman says, no one has locked up a model that guarantees to run the business in the future. “Among young viewers, there is a lot of frustration with the work of cable news. There are a lot of people who don’t want news as wallpaper all day, ”the executive said. “The news business didn’t really fit in very well.” New viewers, he advises, are “an efficient, no bull, way to not waste time” to quickly become smart about the biggest story of the day ”.

The company is betting on Cadro, who has built up impressive skills in recent months. He followed a race to oversee Quiber News programming as the top producer of CBS’s Morning Show, including a new program on NBC News and the first iteration of the new version of CBS News, “60 Minutes to Generation for Digital,” throughout my career. And looking for different opportunities to collaborate with dynamic talent, building brands with clear points of difference, and therefore, couldn’t be more excited to join The Recount team, ”Cadro said in the statement“ I look forward to overseeing their editorial strategy and implementation as they It continues to expand into new areas with new ways of using news. “

Since its launch, “The Recount” has received funding from Rock Nations Arrive, Union Square Ventures, Foundry Group and ViacomCBS, among other supporters. Battle, who helped launch The Industry Standard and Federated Media, has gained a reputation over the years for creating new media outlets aimed at navigating the latest content usage technologies.

One of Kylo’s first projects, Hellman said, was to take an array of the company’s podcasts and create streaming rivals for them. As it happens, “rethink” fans who like the game may be interested in “The Long Game”, a new podcast led by LZ Grandson and Will Leach, who will use the lens of power and money to dive into sports issues and dive into issues such as gender. Salary equality, race and diversity, support for players, and mental health.

In the end, Hellman said, the company hopes to create a product that is much more fragmented, isolated, fly, on the go, understandable in a world of demand. What does it look like? This is one of the challenges of our age. ”

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