March 25, 2023


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RZ’s 36 movies feature live commentary on classic martial-arts films – various iety

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If you’re a certain age, chances are good that your first real exposure to the Shaw-Brothers and Gordon Liu’s martial arts movies came from the generous splices of film dialogue featured on U-Tang Klan’s albums. All of these samples came courtesy of U-Tang Mastermind RZ, who has since expanded his horizons into feature film scoring and directing, and who is often a partner in panel and Q&A, both classic and obscure.

It’s easy to see RZ’s latest initiative application through its 36-chamber production company. Dubbed 36 movies, the platform presents live-commentary on films with RZ in an interview with Dan Hult, chief programmer at the Hollywood Theater in Portland. The duo will present their second film this Sunday, in a lively search for the ultra-violent jidaigeki Pick “Shogun Assassin”, which RZ has commemoratively sampled throughout GZ’s 1995 album “Liquid Sword”.

Mostafa Shaikh, co-founder of Every 33 Chambers, the platform’s first presentation earlier this month – 1983’s “Shaolin and Wu Tong” – attracted thousands of paying viewers. (To legally screen movies, all of the 366 movie streaming sessions are ticketed events, costing $ 10: “We act like movie theaters, in fact, provide art-quality rates,” he said.) The platform is also partial to independent movies. Acting as a fund, a portion of the revenue is shared with theaters that refer audiences; According to Shaikh, about 40 movies have taken part in the opening stream. “RZA and I both like independent theaters and we don’t want to see any of them,” he says.

Sheikh said the company is still leaning towards the platform, but hopes to gradually expand its parameters as the weeks go by. “It can’t just be kung-fu, and it can’t be RZA,” he says. “We want to keep all the bags working as well as find all the logistics related things and keep it a bit internal … there is a very well known director who has worked before who wants to jump on the platform, so hopefully we can make it next week That will happen. I think people see this is a very fun thing to do

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