September 21, 2021


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Sahara Karimi of Afghanistan is the head of the jury at the Stockholm Film Festival

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Sahara Karimi, film director (“Hawa, Maryam, Ayesha”) and head of the Afghan Film Corporation, has been nominated as head of the jury at the next edition of the Stockholm International Film Festival.

The 32nd edition of the festival will run November 10-21, 2021 in the Swedish capital. It is hoped that the festival will have 100 movie and online premieres on demand. The jury will determine the winner of the Bronze Horse for Best Film and the Aluminum Horse for Best Director, First Film, Cinematography, Script, Actor and Actress.

Karimi, who fled Afghanistan and the Taliban’s advancing forces in August, will also take part in a panel aimed at raising awareness about the threat to the country’s artists and women today.

She recently wrote an open letter to the world media about her country’s repressive forces and the special dangers of women and girls.

“[The Taliban] Women’s rights will be taken away, our homes and our voices will be pushed into the shadows, our expressions will be silently suppressed. When the Taliban were in power, there were zero girls in school. Since then, the school has more than 9 million Afghan girls. In the past few weeks, the Taliban have destroyed many schools and 2 million girls have been forced to drop out of school, ”he said in his letter.

He explained the potential impact on the film industry in a panel discussion at the Venice Film Festival this month. “In the twenty-first century, a group of people are coming to your country and telling you that music is banned, movies are banned, art work is banned, and female artists are the only ones who should go to one corner and be isolated,” she said.

“We stand behind brave filmmakers like Sahra Karimi and will use our platform to share his message about the crisis in Afghanistan. We are honored that Sahara Karimi has accepted our invitation as the jury head of the Stockholm XXXII competition, ”said festival director Git Shenias.

Prior to the Stockholm Festival, Chinese artist and filmmaker I Wei and Iranian film director Mohammad Rasoulf (“There’s No Evil,” “Iron Island”) highlighted and supported other filmmakers who have been victims of oppressive rule.

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