March 20, 2023


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San Sebastian earns the official selection label titles in a variety of ways

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The Spanish San Sebastian Festival, the highest-profile film event in the Spanish-speaking world, promised to consider Cannes the official selection title for the selection of director Jose Luis Rebardinos and spread five Can Label titles in its own competition, the festival announced. Friday.

These include last week’s Can March two films online two of the biggest selling attractions online: the franchise-weighted “Summer of 85” and Thomas Winterberg’s “Another Round”. Kansas chief Thierry Framax said in his film lineup The Faithful, which was held at this Cannes festival: Naomi Kawas’s “True Mothers” and Sharunas Bartas “Evening” took two more titles.

Overcoming the San Sebastian contest is “Beginning”, the first feature of Georgia’s de Coulombegavili’s one-ear official selection, plus “Any crying baby around?” From Takuma Sato, Japan

“Another Round” and “True Mothers” are already among the first titles reserved for world premieres at the September Toronto Festival announced last Wednesday. “In the evening,” “Beginning” and “Any crying children around?” San Sebastian described it as a world premiere in a press statement on Friday.

The title announcement of the first competition of the Spanish festival includes two titles sold by PlayTime – “Summer 85” and “True Mothers” – as well as Wild Bunch Intel’s “Start” and “In the Evening”, which sold Luxbox – all Paris-based sales outlets. Players in the European film industry have a physical presence of at least a significant number of keys to independence, as the French film industry is betting on converting San Sebastian to site-online / recent summer as a significant enough delay.

Nevertheless, in view of the huge possibility that industry officials will not be able to travel from Latin America, San Sebastian himself has announced an online or hybrid industry agenda and a pruning festival, although there is no other way like Toronto, Canada where only films will be shown on 50 screens.

The reduction takes up to 30% less screening. The festival’s largest industrial event, the Europe-Latin America Co-Production Forum, will go completely online, with tables, master classes and ginmaldia and technology displays for high-tech innovations in film and TV.

The festival will adopt a hybrid of the two pix-in-event events, WIP Latam and WIP Europa, the site and online format. A pre-planned, Hell in the Flower: Korean film of the ’50s and’ 60s: The Golden Age of Korean cinema, came back in 2021.

The main sections of the festival are, of course, down to the official election. The site will welcome listeners, allowing sanitary restrictions.

The 68th San Sebastian Intel Film Festival runs September 18-26.

The official selection of the San Sebastian Intel Film Festival, the main competition. First Title Description Announced:

“Evening” (Sharunas Bartas, Lithuania, France, Serbia, Latvia, Czech Republic, Portugal)

After the Ukrainian conflict-set “Frost”, the famous Outer Bartas returned to the war, after the age story came here, but in 1948 he began to fight the desperate struggle of the Lithuanian partisans against the Soviet occupation.

“Another episode” (Thomas Winterberg, Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands)

Winterberg reunited with screenwriter (Tobias Lindholm) and academy stars “The Hunt” – Mads Mickelsen, Thomas Bow Larsen, Lars Rante and Sass Wald – it was sold well before Mickelsen, it was sold to Transtonordic. At last week’s Can March-Do Film Online, where it has spread to even larger regions. A comedy – four stubborn high school teachers started drinking on the job, improved performance, at first – which will resonate with many viewers.

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85 Summer
Credit: Playtime

“Summer 85” (Frances Weight, France, Belgium)

After winning the “House” in the summer of 2012 on the Normandy coast for the fifth time in the weight category in the competition in San Sebastian, and a fancy approach to teenage love in the 80’s which was a huge buzzing title.

“True Mothers” (Naomi Kawse, Japan)

Another San Sebastian regular from the latest, a Fipresi Award winner with the 2010 “Zenpin”, explores the family dynamics facing a biological and adoptive mother.

“Any crying baby around?” (Takuma Sato, Japan)

Naked on national TV during the holy New Year festivities in his village, a man fled to Tokyo, returning two tears later to try to reunite with his ex-wife and little girl. But the past still plays a role. Sold by Gaga and Sato’s second film (“Don’t Say a Word!”).

“In the beginning” (Deul Kulumbegavsili, Georgia, France)

The director’s first feature set the story of revenge in a remote Georgian village after a family of Jehovah’s Witnesses were intimidated by religious extremists. 35mm shot with first-rate crew including French editor Matthew Tapnier (“Saul’s son”).

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Another episode
Credit: Henrik Ohsten

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