September 22, 2021


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Scarlett video by Mick Jagger, Paul Mescal Chat and Premier Stones

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Before the premiere of the Rolling Stones’ “Scarlett” video on YouTube on Thursday, a conversation began between Paul Mescal, his only star – currently an Emmy nominee for “Normal People’s” – and Mick Jagger, a humorous person who happily left the film. Or spontaneous stunt work) to someone else.

“You must have had a lot of fun in this empty hotel,” said Jagar, referring to the use of the now-illegal Claris Hotel in London as a set of seemingly drunken Shennigans. “I thought you would kill yourself when you went down the stairs.”

“I did, too,” Meskel admitted.

The “Scarlett” video is more like a happy-go-lucky – or happy-go-drunk – version of “The Shining”, leaving Mescal on Claris’ own devices to leave voice messages alone for the character in the title. Drink, loosen his bow, dance, drink more, pull in the mirror with lipstick, dance and drink more and finally crash on the floor of the lobby.

“Because of the epidemic and the closure of hotels, the production team could have achieved bigger goals in terms of location,” Mescal said, and “the staff at Clarice were amazing.” When the quantitative is over and the Stones- or Mescal-loving tourists ask to “drill-dialing your ex suite” the room rate will undoubtedly increase.

“What do you think of the video yourself?” Mescal asked at the beginning of the convoy with Jagger. “And if that means things, I’ll just briefly turn off the laptop and then back it up again.” “Clearly, Jagar hinted at his approval.”

Mescal and Jagger interviewed each other for a few minutes, asking the actor Rocker (or, in fact, the Rocker-actor) why “Scarlett” sat on the shelf for so long. The track comes from an upcoming box set celebrating the Stones’ 1973 album “Goat’s Head Soup” and is one of three completely unpublished compositions in the collection. As the demo was clearly intended, it was notable for Keith Richards to be the second guitarist for Jimmy Page to keep some members of the Stones off Jimmy Page and to include Rick Gretch on the bus.

“I mean, remember to do it in multiple versions,” Jagger said. “I think it has been done with a lot of people. (But) I don’t think so This. And I talked to Jimmy Page and he said, ‘Oh yeah, I remember I did it. We sat in Ronnie Wood’s recording basement and these people … ’He remembered everything. I thought I’d be there, but that was it. “

“It wasn’t really a Rolling Stones record,” Jagger added, explaining his nearly 50-year-old shelf.

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Mick Jagger and Paul Mescal

Meskal asked how the Stones had been locked down.

“I don’t think it was too bad, because we were slowly through an album,” Jagger replied and we released a song called ‘Ghost Town’ which was one of the songs we worked on. And now I’m in the middle of giving voice to something else, trying to finish them and then writing something new. So it is not So Bad for musicians.

Mescal replied, “The kind of process that writers have or I probably envy musicians have. Because for you I imagine it got two kinds of edges – it’s the writing side and then the live gig side – and yet you get a side that you can work on. Although I think our work is completely related to the audience, be it on screen or on stage. “

The conversation included a brief banner about current musical trends, with Stones’ frontman mentioning that he recently made a playlist that included lots of African music for Somalia, “listening to lots of current pop music” to find out what’s going on now. Asked about the taste of his music, Mescal did not object to his host quoting Stones, but instead replied: “Basically, sad music goes to me. Sad indie music will be my general taste.”

“How much do you think of your character Connell on the TV show?” Jagar asked.

“Internally, of course, it’s clearly different,” Meskel replied. “I like his trajectory through secondary school and college, probably thinking on the surface just like that. But I am grateful that I am a little better at making it clear how I feel about the situation I am in, which I think I am unable to do. She can’t just say how she’s feeling in a critical moment. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation.

Given his own health and his destructive attitude towards the hotel’s “Scarlett” clip, there is little risk of anyone making the Mascal riots wrong for the drunken riot at the moment.

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