March 25, 2023


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Screen Queensland Watpad – agrees to development agreement with diversity

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Screen Queensland, a Queensland state film support company, has signed an agreement with Canada’s Watpad to develop the story. Watpad uses global audience insights and machine learning to find and develop hit projects for screens.

Screen Queensland and Watpad will select up to three success stories from the Watpad platform and ask Queensland screen industry creators to submit their ‘acceptance’. The authors will provide a pitch outlining how the story is planned to be translated to the screen. The winning three can go on to further develop over the next 12 months with input and feedback from the Watpad platform viewers. The aim is to secure a marketplace backing in Queensland and to identify a project to achieve production.

Watpad is currently working with companies such as Sony Picture Television, Eon, Eric Fogg’s Picturestart, Bavaria Fiction, MediaSet, Lagarde’s Studios, Wise Entertainment and Turner Latm’s Particular Crowd. The company has about 50 development projects, hit stories “The Hound”, “What Happened That Night,” “He’s With Me,” “The Last He’s,” “Death Is My BFF,” “Numbered, Cairos,” “Ride As well, “and” dance softly “.

Another Watpad story written by Beth Reckless has amassed 19 million and created and created an international fanbase for Netflix before it evolved into “The Kissing Booth”.

Queensland has taken the place of film production with Warner Bros. “Acoman,” “Paramount Pictures,” “Dora and the Lost City of Sonar,” and Marvel’s “Thor: Ragnarok,” as well as the local production Emmy-Award-winning children’s animation “Neil” by Ludu Studios, Blackfella Films’ political drama series “Complete Control” and Netflix. For Hoodlam Entertainment’s “Tidelands”.

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