March 25, 2023


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Searchlight Lands ‘Black Mozart’ Biopic to ‘Atlanta’ Author – Various

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The original story of Chevalier de Saint-Georges, known as “Black Mozart”, is coming to the theaters through a creative team and searchlight images. Diversity Can report exclusively.

Stephanie Robinson, Emmy-nominated and WGA Award-winning author of “Chevalier de Saint-Georges” FX’s “Atlanta” and “What We Do in the Shadow” was the main feature, itch project director Stephen Williams added, for “Watchman” and “Westwall Award nominated candidate.

De Saint-Georges ’story is largely unadulterated and interesting. Born in the French Caribbean in 1745, the musical instrument was the illegitimate son of an African slave and the owner of a French garden. His untimely fall is due to an infamous love affair with a French aristocratic woman and his relationship with Marie Antoinette and his court.

Disney-owned Prestige House Searchlight will finance and distribute the project, which will be overseen by Dantram Nugain, senior vice-president of production, Zahra Phillips, director-director, and Cornelia Burlingigh, manager, on behalf of WME’s Mayas Prabhu and director Williams. Robinson replaces Diane McGunnell of MBMT Entertainment, Gershey Sean Berkeley and Lev Ginsberg of Ginsberg Daniels LLP.

Williams was born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica and studied in the UK’s 1999 HI breakout film “Survival of the fittest,” before going to premium series dramas such as “American,” “The Walking Dead,” and Ray Donvan. , “And” Westworld. “He directed the much-anticipated episode of HBO’s” The Watchman, “entitled” The Extraordinary Creature, “

Robinson FX has an exclusive overall production contract to develop the series for the platform and others. He will return for the third season of “What to Do in the Shadows” and will contribute to the fourth season of the Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning limited series “Fargo” as part of his contract. “Chevalier” marks the debut of his feature composition.

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