January 31, 2023


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See how Harry styles on different hitmakers

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There will be prizes in a variety of hitmakers program Recipient December 2 is featured in our annual Hitmakers issueND. The program will cast simulations on a variety of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and so on YouTube Page.

Harry Styles will be accepted The best hitmaker of the year.

Other award recipients include Belvin as associate of the year, Jenna Andrews and Josh Foyara For the song of the year Isolation Rescue, Charlie XCX and A. became inventors of the year. G. Cook, Roddy Rich for Breakthrough Artist of the Year, Blackpink for Best Group of the Year, Luis Capaldi for Lyricist of the Year, Jeffen A&M Interscope for Best Label of the Year, M.AMustard for Crossover Artist of the Year, Producer of the Year, RoweN Perry for Executive of the Year and Wasim “Sal” Slaby For the manager of the year

100 presenters included gekes, Justin Bieber, Sheryl Crowe, Niall Horan, Jane Lo, Lil Nose X, Taiga, and Tie Dolla $Egg.

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