April 2, 2023


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Selina Gomez, Cardi B Facebook Livestream – Join Variety

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Facebook has shut down Star Watts for this week’s live streaming “# Graduation2020” virtual start festival.

The social giant has announced more than 700 stars, including Selena Gomez, Cardi B, Usher, Matthew McConaughey and Tic Tac Toe’s influential Dixie de Amerilio – it’s a “MultiHawar Live Stream” in its “# Graduation 2020: Celebrating 2020 Class on Facebook and Instagram” Starting at 11 p.m.

Mindy Calling and BJ Novak (co-hosting NBC’s “The Office”) on Facebook’s “#Gradation2020”. As previously announced, the event will feature an introductory address by Oprah Winfrey and a performance by Miley Cyrus from “The Climb”. Also, the May 15 event will include a role by Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg and comments from Aukwafina, Jennifer Garner, Lil Nass X and Simon Byles.

The ultra-sized Facebook and Instagram event for seniors graduating in 2020 celebrates a number of virtual launches in the COVID-19 separation this year. Others include YouTube’s “Favorite Class of 2020,” which will feature former presidents Barack Obama and Michelle Obama, as well as K-pop superstars BTS, Lady Gaga and more.

Facebook has now unveiled a huge roster of Hollywood, music, sports and internet stars to draw a huge crowd of grades and well-wishers.

The lineup includes: Adamareke (as Rosa), Amy Schumer, Andy Cohen, Anasophia Robb, Anthony Poroski, Ashley Graham, Becky Lynch, Bailey Sock, Bobby Burke, Bretman Rock, Cardi B, Charles Melton, Chris and Metz, Cookie Monster and Grover on Tissy Street, Daddy Yankee, Damien Lillard, David Dobrick, David Wellow, Desas and Mero, Dillon Francis, Dr. Polo, Dixie de Amelio, DJ Khaled, Draw McIntyre, Dude Perfect, Emily Ratajkovici, Gloria Estef Gordon Ramsay, Haley Steinfield, Huda and Mona Catan, Eliza Schlesinger, Jess and Gabriel Conte, Jonje, John Bassett, Julian Edelman, Candy Bouras, Cormo Brown, Coffee Kingston, Kristen Bell, La La Anthony, Lacy Evans, Lana Condor, Law Sisa Leslie, Lisa Vanderpump, Lizzie Green, Lewis Fonsi, Luke Bryan, Marley Matlin, Marshmallow, Matthew McConaughey, Milo Ventimeglia, Nick Crowley, Olivia Rodrigo, Ronnie Cheney, Roman Kensi, Roman Raines, Sosha Banks, Sasha Banks, , Sophia Harvey, Tim Tobo, Tori Kelly, Usher, Whitney Cummings, Wilmer Valderram, Winnie Harlow and Ira Shahidi.

The streaming event is available on Facebook Watch and Facebook.com/facebookapp. Highlights and other content from “# Graduation2020” will be posted on those Instagram accounts and the contributors’ social accounts.

“Graduation 2020: Facebook and Instagram Celebrate the 2020 Class” is produced by B17 Entertainment, with Rate Bachner and Brian Meghar as executive producers and Jane Moon as Shrunner and executive producer.

With more information at Classof2020.fb.com, Facebook has a few more features and resources for this year’s graduates. The company is allowing users to throw in a virtual graduation ceremony via Facebook Live; Tap into AR Effects includes a graduate speech filter with customizable tassels and college-themed stalls for Facebook apps, Instagram and Messenger; Stickers and profile frames available in popular school colors; And a short list of songs for the graduation moment urated people sharing their stories

Among Facebook’s other 2020 graduation programming, on Friday, May 15, it will debut the film “Degree Grades, Love Groups” directed by Chris Wilcha, for which members of the Facebook group community are invited to congratulate the 2020 class.

Other events planned for Facebook and Instagram this week will lead to Livestream on May 15:

  • May 11
    • Graduation Countdown Sticker: করবে Instagram will provide a graduation sticker through stories to celebrate the postgraduate event worldwide on May 15th. Anyone can reshare that Instagram story and set a reminder.
    • Graduation #Challenges: ে Seniors will share #MySeniorQuote messages on Instagram to present graduation challenges including “Throwback #GradePhoto Challenge and #GradeMessagesChallenge.”
    • Student Spotlights: The series honors outstanding graduates on the Facebook application page and invites the Facebook community to pay tribute to the significant grades in their lives.
  • May 12
    • Senior Night for Athletes: @ Instagram will host a virtual senior night dedicated to star athletes including Sabrina Inescu, Miles Powell, Shy Nighten and Andrew Prites.
  • May 13
    • Senior Comedy Day: An Instagram virtual standup show featuring comedians Quinta Brunson, Cameron J. Henderson and Christine Snaps. The creators of Instagram will share exclusive graduation memes on Dakan @ Instagram and @ Dakan.
    • Part of us: The social media pages of the Facebook app will feature a film directed by Iconoclast’s Jane Enkiru, which gives this year’s graduates a voice as they share excerpts from Marina Kegan’s “Anti-Loneliness” essay with their school year images.
    • # GradeWalk2020: Special grade steps from Class 2020 will appear in the stories on the Facebook app page, others will be encouraged to share with the hashtag #GradeWalk2020.
  • May 14
    • Superlative Day: The best and brightest students will be honored with the superlatives of the makers featured on that Instagram.
    • # Your 2020 Portrait Art Show: @ BrooklynMuseum and @ Design College have launched nationwide call-outs for portraits of students. Five winners will be announced, a 5,000 prize will be awarded for grants, and a virtual “art show” will be held at @ Design, ল Brooklyn Museum and @ Creators.
    • @ Creators Graduation Celebration: িয়ে Creators will feature creators including Bryce Xavier, Nia Sioux and Lavi Dunn and “Yearbooks on Instagram”.
    • উপ Gift for Shop A Grade: A graduation gift guide with a handful of small business products that can be purchased at those shops on Instagram.

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