September 18, 2021


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Shutter Hong Kong Theater Unit from WarnerMedia

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Universal Pictures will be responsible for distributing and marketing Warner Bros. Drama Publishing in Hong Kong and Macau from January 1, 2021. About a dozen employees are expected to be laid off as part of the WarnerMedia change.

A WarnerMedia regional spokesperson in Singapore was unable to confirm or deny the information, although multiple industry sources said Different Plan. These were also detailed in the Apple Daily. A spokesman for Universal Pictures in Hong Kong declined to comment.

A WarnerMedia spokesman explained that “there is no such thing as a WB … so is HBO Asia and Turner. We have an integrated business called WarnerMedia.”

Hong Kong was wiped out by civil unrest in the second half of 2015, prompting an official crackdown. In July this year, Beijing authorities injected a national security law into the region’s petty constitution. This includes new controls in the press. Since then, several media outlets have explored the possibility of relocating staff to locations in Asia that are more press-friendly.

However, Warner Bros. Theater Closure in Hong Kong may be further encouraged by the release of the film and its own integration with Warnermedia. The spokesman said “there are still a lot of other people at WarnerMedia in Hong Kong, including the regional CNN bureau.” Other sources make it clear that the two offices at WarnerMedia in Hong Kong were redundant and that some of the drama-related marketing work would go to Singapore.

WarnerMedia has been restructuring Asia and other regions since its acquisition by AT&T. A recent management reshuffle in Asia was conducted under Clement Schweibg. It was at this time that it was noticed that the release head of the drama in this region has zero.

This is understandable to a handful of Warner Bros. Playwrights remain until “Wonder Woman 1984” is released. But the recent rise of the COVID-19 infection has forced the city’s cinemas to close for the third time. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Current social distance measures have been extended to January 6, 2021.

Following the transfer, the first Warner Bros. film directed by Hong Kong’s Universal Pictures is expected to release crime thriller “The Little Things”, scheduled for the end of January, sources said. Different. It is expected to follow “Tom and Jerry”.

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