February 8, 2023


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Sia is involved in an over-coming autism-themed film in the burning Twitter debate

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Sia left no comment on making her upcoming movie “Music” that she was “able” and spent the first hour of Friday involving the staff of the pop star-starrer filmmakers who took up the issue. At several points. The allegations he addressed include occasional outrage: his use of the term “special ability” instead of “disabled” for people with autism; Casting a non-autistic actor in the lead role of his directed debut; And whether someone who is not autistic is taking advantage of unwanted opportunities to make a film centering on the subject.

Although “Music” did not end until February, a trailer for the film, released on Thursday, disagreed on Twitter, prompting Sia to respond with occasional blunt language.

“This is completely unacceptable and there is no excuse,” tweeted Pro Jordanana Golburn, a user-level partner involved in community engagement in London. “You should know better than being able-bodied and allowing neurotic to represent a disabled community. It’s incredibly offensive as is the character’s footsteps. Sick. Not even captions were given. Don’t give it up. “

Responsive Sia: “I actually tried to work with a non-verbal beautiful young woman on the spectrum and she found it unpleasant and stressful. That’s why I cast Maddie, “he said, referring to his longtime collaborator Maddie Ziegler (whose character is probably not identified as autistic in the script but is generally understood to be at the non-verbal end of the spectrum). Elsewhere, he said,” Someone ( Determining the level of functionality of the character is not cruel, not polite, so I made an executive decision that we would do our best to represent love to the community would I tried. It felt more sympathetic to use Maddie. That was my call. “

In the first moments of the reverse, Sia wrote, “The movie is a love letter to both the caring and the autism community. I have my own unique vision of the community and I feel it has been presented and compelled to create. If it makes me shit I’m camouflaged, but my motives are great. “

For the past few decades, films that have been a handful of users defending Sia by identifying award-winning legendary actors for their portrayal of the disabled, have been overwhelmed by rage registrars in their preferred interpretations, and Sia’s own activities have come to the fore. “Grrrrrrr,” he said at one point. “Stupid fucking why don’t you watch my movie before you judge? FURY.”

The singer-director went to great lengths to say that he hired input from autistic people and their lawyers throughout the process. In his final tweet (for now) on Friday morning, he responded to a woman who asked, “Have you done any research or consulted with the community? It is cruel to say that it would be cruel to consult a disabled actor. Sia’s response: “Duh. I’ve spent three years researching, I think that’s why I’m so tired.”

Sia indicated that “there are 13 people here in the film’s spectrum,” as detailed elsewhere: “I killed 13 neurotransmitters, three trans people, and not as prostitutes or drug addicts, but as doctors, nurses and singers.” No one has ever seen a Dang movie. My heart was always in the right place. “He added,” Two people in my spectrum have always advised me. “

The exchanges were only heated, though, when Sia referred to Autism Speaks as a group standing behind her film, only to respond that many people with autism viewed the organization as an enemy. “Autism Spikes came on board long after the film ended,” Sia responded, “four years after the truth.” (The film has been awaiting completion and distribution for years since it was shot.) “I had no idea it was such a polarizing group!”

Another user, MusicCadlife, wrote, “If he wanted to talk like 3 or 4 autistic people, we would tell him. [Autism Speaks] Able and want us to be stable or dead ”

At the height of the online excitement, user @helenengel wrote, “Several autistic actors, I included myself … we all said we could have acted in a short notice. Was done. “

Sia’s response did not lessen the hesitation: “Perhaps you are a bad actor,” the star tweeted back.

A big issue in the debate is the use of Shia terminology by many supporters. Sia tweeted, probably learning that he was a fan of the flame, “I never mentioned (the primary character) as disabled. The special skill is what I always said.”

Many of those involved wanted to hear about him in stark contrast – the word “special” was seen as patronizing and insulting in these matters, they tweeted, while “disabled” was widely accepted.

Kristen Parisi, founder of MediaDizabild, tweeted, “She was able to AF when Sia claimed she was a somewhat serious capable savior bullshit. “I can’t believe so many people have made this project green and the press team has approved the language of ‘special powers’. People with disabilities were clearly not part of this production team.”

Back-to-back, Sia conveyed a greeting to her protesters that may seem far-reaching after the split note after the exchange ended on Friday: “I really hope you watch the movie that you can be less angry.

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