April 2, 2023


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Sign More for National, Julien Baker, Stereogam Benefit Album – Variety

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Since 2002, the Stereogam website has served as one of the most important cronliners in the alternative music universe, an expert and enthusiastic film that has contributed immensely to the rise of countless artists from Billy Ilish and Vampire to Indie-Rock Elk. With a small but purposeful and productive team at Weekend to Draw, the publication is more contagious than its weight.

Earlier this year, founder Scott Lapatin bought back the stereogram from corporate parent Valence – and then the epidemic hit. The site’s earnings come entirely from advertising, most of which comes directly from live events, and Lapatin puts a bat signal as the amount of that revenue drops sharply – and the publication has gone on to support the musician community for so long. More than 40 artists have recorded songs for a benefit album that, like the great stereogram live showcase and merchandise over the years, is not only decorated by experts, it has a great theme: the hit of the ’00s’.

Death Cab for the artist Benjamin Gibbard, Car Seat Headrest, Dirty Projector, L-P, Julien Baker, Mac DeMarco, Sharon Van Eaten, Soccer Mom, The National, The New Pornographer, and Waxahatchi.

“Save StereoGam: A ’00 Covers Comp” is a real benefit release – not available for download-only streaming – and to make it even more stigmatized, they’re just announcing the artists – not the songs of the ’00s that were covered. Donors will receive a zip download of the compilation – with MP3, artwork, and liner notes – and the announcement states, “Their friends will be envious because it will never be published again! We will not stream Save Stereogram anywhere and will never publish it again. No. This is only available to supporters of this promotion. “

The list of artists is below, and lots of other stereogram swags are available from their website – heading for more info.

◦ Anna Colvi


Benjamin Gibbardard

Bethany Cocentino (Best Coast)

◦ Bill McKay

Car seat headrest

Charlie Blaise

Chris Farren


Le Colin Green Fame. Diarrhea Planets Emmet Miller

Irty Dirty Projector


Frankie Cosmos

F Half Wife

Hamilton Leithauser

◦ Hand practice

Illuminati hotspots

◦ Jeff Rosenstock

Julien Baker

ো Kiro Kiro Bonito

Au Laura Jane Grace and The Diving Mothers

Laura Stevenson

Mac DeMarco

Othing is nothing


Ure authentic bathing culture

ত রতবয়

Ost Rostam

Riley Walker



Sharon Van Atten

◦ Soccer mother

The strand of Aks Oras


. The New Pornographers


◦ Top

Y tie seagull

Ax Waxahatchi


White Ripper

Wild pink

Ye wai ok

… And more will be released soon!

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  • Hire our younger staff and streamline tasks to our network of freelancers. If this promotion makes it really good, we can hire more full-time writers.
  • Spend on our hosting, SaaS and site maintenance.
  • Complete an amazing redesign / re-launch of the website we’ve been working on for several months – we’re almost 70% there! The new stereogram will look more modern, easier to navigate and search, and features a more advanced commenting platform with all the functionality of what you’ve been saying over the years.
  • Reduce the number of banner ads and remove the barrier units we inadvertently execute because we need money right now.
  • Videogame.com’s archives about movies, TV and trampoline accidents, protect our indomitable sister’s site.
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